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Hotpoint TVM570P



Hotpoint TVM570P


Key Features

  • 7kg drum capacity
  • Reverse action drum
  • Freestanding and front loading
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £174.00

Hotpoint TVM570P

The Hotpoint TVM570P is a vented dryer which is very light and manoeuvrable for the times when it needs to be shifted into place. Cheaper than the majority of the other tumble dryers on the market, it still performs excellently and is a really good all round tumble dryer.

Featuring a 7kg drum capacity, a fairly average size that slots in between the majority of 6 to 8 kilo machines on the market, the TVM570P is capable of drying things like bedsheets and is more than a match for the washing demands of the average family or couple.

Freestanding and front loading, the Hotpoint TVM570P is easy to get clothes in and out of. It’s also nice and easy to use thanks to its back-to-basic controls that do away with the raft of different settings that have infiltrated many of the currently available dryers.

Given its wallet friendly price tag, the Hotpoint appliance dries surprisingly very well with the drum playing host to a reverse tumble action that ensures clothes do not get all tangled up when they’re drying. This reverse tumble action also prevents the clothes from getting excessively creased, a handy little feature that will save you a considerable amount of time spent with the iron.

The Hotpoint TVM570P does lack a few features, though, such as a timer with the device unable to be pre-programmed to begin a cycle after you’ve gone to bed or when you’ve gone out. Fortunately this isn’t that much of a problem as the Hotpoint TVM570P is so quiet you will barely notice it’s there — you can have it on whilst you’re watching TV and it’s absolutely fine.

The Hotpoint TVM570P doesn’t look great and it certainly isn’t fancy, but it’s a good basic little appliance that does exactly what it’s supposed to — dry clothes well.