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Hotpoint SH83X



Hotpoint SH83X


Key Features

  • 58 litre capacity
  • Fan assisted oven
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £349.00

Hotpoint SH83X

The Hotpoint SH83X is a built-in electric single oven with versatile heating functions and a great look. Although it’s quite plain and easy to use it’s a really good little oven that is perfect if you prefer your appliances to be less confusing than some of the technological models nowadays.

The SH83X is an electric oven with one cavity. This cavity operates as both an oven and a grill, which is useful for the more adventurous who like trying different cooking styles. The capacity is 58 litres, which is standard for this type of oven, and will fit the needs of most households. Bear in mind that there are ovens of a similar size with a bigger capacity out there, though.

This oven can produce both convection heat, which is fan assisted, or conventional heat which comes from the bottom of the oven. This means the Hotpoint SH83X can cook various different types of meal with the heat that each particular meal needs.

The various heating functions, plus the regular temperature and variable grill controls are all simple to master, however they can be difficult to read, especially if you have your oven installed under a counter, as the markings go underneath the dial. Despite this, the oven looks great, with a stainless steel finish, and large windows to see what you are cooking. The windows are triple-glazed making them heat-resistant, yet still clear enough to see the contents of the oven, especially with the powerful light inside.

The oven is rated A for energy efficiency, saving you money on the energy bills, and the fan runs fairly quietly compared to other models. The oven is also easy to clean, with catalytic liners on the internal walls meaning only soapy water is need to get off grease and other spillages. Besides the dial design, there is really nothing else to fault with this oven, it works fantastically, and can cook all manner of meals quickly and easily, all whilst looking very stylish.