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Hotpoint SDD910P



Hotpoint SDD910P


Key Features

  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • Eight selectable wash programmes
  • 10 place setting capacity
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £319.00

Hotpoint SDD910P

The Hotpoint SDD910P is a lovely, slim, freestanding dishwasher that would fit right in with any busy family kitchen. It cleans well, performs well and is generally a useful appliance that is very good value for money.

The most important thing about a dishwasher is its ability to clean dishes, and the Hotpoint SDD910P is very good at that. It has been given an A rating for its wash performance, so you shouldn’t be faced with any dried on food stains or dirty glasses after your crockery has been through a cycle.

It also has an A rated drying performance, so the dishes shouldn’t need to drip-dry for a long time after the cycle has finished or need a wipe down with a tea-towel — you should be able to just take the dishes out and put them away.

To aid in its excellent cleaning the Hotpoint SDD910P has eight different programmes. For standard dish washing you can just use the normal setting, but if you have any baked-on food you could use the soak setting. Then again the intensive setting, which is handy if you have exceptionally dirty dishes, might be better to tackle more stubborn stains.

If you’re worried about energy efficiency there’s an eco-setting, and the delicate setting is good for glassware or crystal items. On top of this there’s a super quick 25 minute wash for when you need clean dishes in a hurry and a special guest wash that will freshen up dishes for the times a guest pops round unexpectedly.

What’s more, a short time function which will reduce the (otherwise quite long) cycle times, and a half-load function for when you don’t need to wash a whole lot of dishes. As the Hotpoint SDD910P can fit ten place settings it’s the right size for a small family, and it’s an impressive capacity considering it’s such a small machine — although fitting dinner plates in is difficult. It’s also nice and quiet.