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Hotpoint RZS150



Hotpoint RZS150


Key Features

  • 197 litre capacity
  • Four star freezer rating
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £351.00

Hotpoint RZS150

The Hotpoint RZS150 keeps your food cold, your kitchen stylish, and your energy bills low.

The Hotpoint RZS150 is a large capacity upright freezer, having 197 litres of storage space; this freezer will easily satisfy the food storage needs of a large household. The freezer has six compartments, each of which is transparent, making it easy to see the contents. Two compartments are slightly larger than the others, to accommodate for bulkier items.

The freezer is wide and deep, so any boxed items should fit in without trouble. The RZS150 comes in white or silver, with an elegant door handle that doubles up as a door seal release, making the door effortless to open. The door itself has reversible hinges, meaning it can be opened from the left or right hand side of the appliance.

The freezer is four star rated, meaning food will keep in it for up to a year. The freezer can Fast Freeze food, meaning unfrozen items can be kept fresher for longer. The RZS150 carries the highest possible energy efficiency rating of 'A', keeping the energy bill surprisingly low for such a large appliance. On top of that, the motor runs quietly, making it largely unobtrusive.

Despite the excellent design and capacity of this freezer, the build quality of the drawers is slightly lacklustre. They are not entirely flush with the runners and can be difficult to remove. This freezer is not Frost Free, and so when the frost inevitably starts to build up, this problem can become even worse. However, maintaining the level of frost in the freezer largely alleviates the issue. It is also a shame that the Hotpoint was not designed to work in low ambient temperatures (garages, cellars, etc...), but this is only a small concern.

Overall, this is an excellent freezer with a brilliant capacity and a great look. Well worth considering.