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Hotpoint RZA34



Hotpoint RZA34


Key Features

  • 103 litre capacity
  • Four star freezer rating
  • Fast Freeze function
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £225.00

Hotpoint RZA34

The Hotpoint RZA34 is not your average small upright freezer. With a surprising amount of space and a great look, it is definitely worth your consideration.

With a 103 litre capacity, the RZA34 is able to hold much more food than you might first imagine, and with only having three compartments, bulkier goods like legs of lamb and big tubs of ice cream will fit with room to spare. Despite this, it is still less than waist height, and will therefore fit under counters, or be unobtrusive in small apartments.

The compartments are opaque plastic, which is unfortunate, as you have to pull them out to see what is inside, but the handles are large enough to make moving each compartment easy. The temperature controls and warning light are on the top edge of the freezer for ease of access. The RZA34 is an intriguing graphite colour, making a difference from the usual clinical white of most kitchen appliances.

This is a four star freezer, meaning food will keep in it for up to a year. There is also a Fast Freeze button on the top edge, which when activated, will cool the freezer down further, to quickly cool any fresh foods to make them keep for longer. Unfortunately, this is not a Frost Free freezer, meaning it will need to be defrosted manually.

Despite what the product specification may say, the RZA34 is rather noisy, and this may be a deal-breaker for some people. However, with a price tag of around £240 for such a large amount of space, you may consider settling for the noise and accepting such a fair deal.