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Hotpoint RLS150



Hotpoint RLS150


Key Features

  • Inbuilt antibacterial protection
  • Compressor cooling
  • Five bottle wine rack
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £280.00

Hotpoint RLS150

Whilst the Hotpoint RLS150 is not a futuristic technological powerhouse like some modern fridges, it is very spacious and does its job perfectly without any superfluous bells and whistles. If the complexity of modern fridges baffles you, something nice and simple like the Hotpoint RLS150 might be right up your street.

Simple doesn’t mean it’s not up to scratch, though. The Hotpoint RLS150 has a very respectable amount of space, enough to fit around two shopping trolley's worth of food. With four shelves, there is lots of space between shelves for taller produce, but there is definitely space for another shelf, which would have provided more surface area. However, the four shelves in the door provide plenty of additional storage for bottles and smaller items, and the top door shelf is a dairy box. There is a five bottle wine rack handily located in the middle of the fridge, but it is not tilted.

In the bottom of the fridge are two vegetable boxes offering plenty of space to keep your produce fresh and crisp. In the dairy box at the top of the door there is an egg stand. The fridge has anti-bacterial protection built in, and the shelves are easily removable, making any clean-ups very simple.

Built with compressor cooling to quickly lower the temperature of the fridge to cool new foods and keep them fresher for longer, the Hotpoint RLS150’s temperature controls are located at the top of the fridge behind the door, for ease of access. The light in the fridge works well, and easily illuminates all of the contents. The door itself has a great handle for ease of opening, but only opens to 90 degrees, which could be limiting.

Overall, the Hotpoint RLS150 is a great fridge, with plenty of versatile space and an attractive exterior.