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Hotpoint RLAV21P



Hotpoint RLAV21P


Key Features

  • Compressor cooling
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Three adjustable glass shelves
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £170.00

Hotpoint RLAV21P

The Hotpoint RLAV21P is a small, upright freestanding fridge with a solid and compact build. The capacity of this fridge is ideal for one or two people, or a small household — if you’re one of those people who only does big weekly shops, another model might be more suitable as it’s just not as big as many models on the market.

Inside, there are three shelves which are made of a very sturdy glass and a salad crisper made of thick transparent plastic. The whole thing just feels nicely made and durable. There are three shelves in the door, the top one of which is a dairy box. The bottom shelf has enough space for large bottles such as wine bottles or milk cartons, and the salad crisper is nice and deep so you can get lots of produce in there. However, the compact nature of this fridge means the shelves are not particularly wide or deep, so large items may not fit.

The fridge is fitted with compression cooling, meaning the temperature can be quickly lowered when new food purchases are added to keep the temperature low and food fresh for longer. The temperature controls are easy to use, and are handily located on the front of the fridge as opposed to on the inside like on many models. There is a light inside the fridge, but it is badly situated at the front, meaning items in the back may not be that visible.

The RLAV21P has been designed to be energy efficient, with a high rating of 'A', saving you money on bills. Despite the loss of space inside, this is a very compact fridge, meaning it will fit into the tightest of spaces, which can be very handy. Overall, this is a well built little fridge, with well thought-out storage.