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Hotpoint NCD191I



Hotpoint NCD191I


Key Features

  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • H+ hygiene rating
  • Built-in unit
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £712.00

Hotpoint NCD191I

The Hotpoint NCD191I is a unique in-built fridge design — rather than being an upright, door-opening unit like most traditional fridges, the NCD191I consists of two pull out drawers.

Both drawers are deep, with the bottom drawer being slightly deeper. The bottom drawer will happily hold a 4-pint bottle of milk upright and should be fine to fit in items like wine bottles or large pop bottles. Both drawers are long and wide, so you can fit lots of items in no matter what the space. Although this would not be ideal for a large family, it has a great amount of space for a couple or small household.

The fridge is very eco-friendly with an A* energy efficiency rating saving you money on the bills, and it comes with a H hygiene rating, having anti-bacterial agents built in to the walls of the fridge, keeping your food contaminant-free.

The real benefit is in the design - the drawer design is great for people who have trouble bending down, the drawers are wide and long, making them great for wide, boxed items, and they have plenty of depth too. On top of that, they look fantastic, with stainless steel fronts and large handles for ease of opening.

If anything is to be criticised, there is no differentiation of compartments besides the two separate drawers, and no vegetable crisper or egg rack. Luckily, the wide base of each shelf means there is the opportunity to keep things separate easily. There is also the matter of the price - for the same amount of money, one can get an upright fridge with twice the capacity. Nonetheless, this is a designer appliance, so this is to be expected.

This is a brilliantly designed and very useful fridge design, which would look and work fantastically in any modern kitchen unit.