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Hotpoint HUD61



Hotpoint HUD61


Key Features

  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Cool Door technology
  • Dual ovens
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £500.00

Hotpoint HUD61

The Hotpoint HUD61 is a duel fuel cooker with the electric oven partnering with a gas powered hob. The recipient of an A-grade energy efficiency rating, the HUD61 will not use as much energy as many of the other models on the market, a feature that will see vital pounds shaved off your electricity bills.

With the unit's bottom oven featuring two shelves that can be located at varying heights, the conventionally heated Hotpoint HUD61 lack fan assisted heating, an omission that sees the oven cooking and lower temperature benefits associated with such tech reserved for many of the cooker's closest rivals. However, even though there are a few hot spots within, the Hotpoint machine does produce a relatively even cooking experience with the HUD61 able to cook things like two trays of biscuits at once without needing to be swopped.

Although the grill oven only has one shelf, it features a nice big grill pan that can fit four slices of bread on it at any one time. It also works equally well as both a grill or an oven, bucking the stereotype that top ovens are just glorified grills despite the fan used to cool the grill proving excessively noisy. On top of this, the hob looks nice and it’s simple and quick to ignite the burners.

As both the grill oven and the main oven have nice big viewing windows you don’t have to open the door to check on your food. Double glazed “cool touch” doors make the oven much safer to use too with the cool touch technology meaning the glass panel on the inside of the oven reflects heat back into the cooker, keeping the outside at a safe to the touch temperature. A cooler outer piece of glass massively reduces the risk of you burning yourself by accident on the front of the oven.

A useful feature of the Hotpoint HUD61 is that you can use the oven timer to set oven to come on when you go out — although this is a bit confusing. The Hotpoint HUD61 can cope with cooking frequently and for large amounts of people.