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Hotpoint HAG60



Hotpoint HAG60


Key Features

  • Dual ovens
  • Four gas burners
  • Top oven doubles as a grill
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £415.00

Hotpoint HAG60

Featuring a gas powered hob and oven combination, the Hotpoint HAG60 pairs a larger, two tray oven on the bottom with a smaller single tray grill oven on top. Pairing largely impressive performances with a stylish and modern exterior, the HAG60 is a perfect fit for any modern kitchen.

With conventional heating as opposed to fan-assisted heating used within the Hotpoint HAG60, the unit lacks the quick, even, lower temperature cooking abilities associated with a number of its fan touting rivals. Adding to this basic oven system, the Hotpoint HAG60's hob sees four ring burners line up is two different sizes styles, two larger four inch offerings and two smaller units, three inches in diameter.

The smaller top oven is extremely handy if you’re cooking something like a ready meal or just small portions — although if cooking in both ovens at the same time to check the bottom oven you have to close the grill door, a niggling oversight that sees the grill cut out if the door is left closed for too long. You’ll have to use the glass to check the bottom oven instead, which you can only do if the glass is clean.

Thankfully this isn’t difficult. The Hotpoint HAG60 is extremely easy to clean and it comes up very nicely, so it’s easy to keep it looking good. It’s also very easy to use — the knobs are all easy to understand and easy to turn, providing a simpe, straightforward user experience. The only thing that is slightly awkward to use is the ignition button as it’s positioned quite badly.

As an extra, the Hotpoint HAG60 has an oven clock and a clear display. Overall, the Hotpoint HAG60 is very good value for money — it’s quite cheap and cooks food really well.