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Hotpoint FFFL2000



Hotpoint FFFL2000


Key Features

  • 300 litre capacity
  • Inbuilt antibacterial protection
  • Frost Free freezer technology
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £400.00

Hotpoint FFFL2000

At two metres tall and with a capacity of almost 300 litres, the Hotpoint FFFL2000 is a certainly a big machine. It doesn’t look big and cumbersome, however — it’s tall rather than wide, making it look statuesque and streamlined instead. It features compressor cooling, reversible doors and only produces 47 decibels of noise, making it extremely quiet.

The fridge is at the top of the Hotpoint FFFL2000 and has a 210 litre capacity. It has four adjustable and removable shelves made from safety glass and two separate salad crisper drawers. There is also storage in the doors, although the bottom door shelf is a bit small. At the top of the fridge there are two spaces for bottle storage, and the fridge door has an egg tray.

As a plus, the Hotpoint FFFL2000 has antibacterial protection. This antibacterial protection will stop harmful bacteria from growing on the fridge shelves in between cleans, and stop the fridge from getting smelly. The fridge is well laid out, and offers great storage.

At the bottom of the appliance is the freezer, which has a capacity of 88 litres. It’s a bit smaller than some other freezers on the market, so if you need lots of freezer room this probably isn’t for you. However the freezer is Frost Free, which means it can prevent the build up of big blocks of ice and frost and remove the need for defrosting.

There are four removable plastic drawers in the freezer — two large and two medium. There’s also an ice-cube tray. The freezer has been awarded four freezer stars, which is the highest rating a freezer can get and means you can freeze fresh food as well as frozen. There’s also a fast freeze option in the Hotpoint FFFL2000 — great for if you have to chill a bottle of wine quickly.

The Hotpoint FFFL2000 has a vacation setting for if you go on holiday and will beep loudly if the door is left open to prevent accidental defrosting. Aside from the lack of freezer space, there’s really not much bad to be said about this appliance.