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Hotpoint FFA52



Hotpoint FFA52


Key Features

  • Inbuilt antibacterial protection
  • Four star freezer rating
  • Frost Free freezer technology
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £250.00

Hotpoint FFA52

Tall, thin and with a hi-tech aesthetic, the Hotpoint FFA52 looks fantastic. With an energy efficiency rating of A, it’s also very environmentally friendly and should save anyone who has it money on their electricity bill. What’s most interesting about the Hotpoint FFA52, however, is the steps that it has taken to become as hygienic as possible.

Fridges can be quite unpleasant; all it takes is for one packet to leak or for one pepper to go off and the whole thing is sticky and feeling dirty. Counteracting this, the Hotpoint FFA52 has Antibacterial Protection built in, with the company insistent that this protection will last for the whole life of the product. Antibacterial Protection basically prevents bacteria growing in the fridge even between cleanings. It also stops the fridge from getting smelly.

The Antibacterial Protection works on all three of the adjustable fridge shelves, all of which are made from safety glass. The fridge also has two crisper drawers to hold salad and vegetables, an internal light, an egg tray, a butter box and extra deep fridge door storage.

The freezer has four sturdy plastic drawers and an ice-cube tray — although the top and bottom drawers are only half the depth and the ice-cube tray is quite small and difficult to fill. It’s also equipped with Frost Free, a system that prevents big blocks of ice and frost from forming. Frost Free means you don’t have to spend time defrosting it every few months.

The freezer on the Hotpoint FFA52 is four star, the highest rating a freezer can have, and means it can freeze fresh food as well as those that are already frozen. You can also use the fast freeze option to freeze food quickly. The freezer capacity is only 79 litres, though, which isn’t brilliant. In fact that’s a problem with the Hotpoint FFA52 as a whole — it’s just not as big as other fridge freezers on the market.