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Hotpoint BHWD129



Hotpoint BHWD129


Key Features

  • 6.5kg drum capacity
  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £550.00

Hotpoint BHWD129

Let’s be blunt — white, clunky and plain, the Hotpoint BHWD129 isn’t by any stretch of the imagination the nicest looking washer-dryer on the market. However, what it is, is built-in. Taking away the worry of having to look at an ugly unit that will ruin the look of your kitchen, the Hotpoint system can be tucked away behind a cupboard door meaning you only need to see it when you’re putting washing in the machine.

Looks aren’t the most important thing in an appliance, anyway. What you want from a washer dryer is that is washes and dries well, and the Hotpoint BHWD129 certainly ticks both of these boxes. With a wash efficiency rating of A, which means that it gets clothes really clean, Hotpoint’s inbuilt unit has just a 6.5kg drum capacity meaning you might struggle to get all of your washing in a single load.

The Hotpoint BHWD129 has an A Class energy efficiency rating, which means it gets the Hotpoint Eco Tech icon. Being so energy efficient you should find that your electricity bills decrease slightly as it won’t be as heavy on the power as past models. Disappointingly, the machine only has a spin efficiency rating of B, with its maximum spin speed reaching a fairly sluggish 1200 revolutions per minute, a niggling oversight that will see you having to spend a little extra time drying your clothes.

Making up for this half-hearted RPM, a wide range of wash programmes is paired with the Hotpoint BHWD129’s ability to offer variable spins across the programmes, as well as the option of extra rinse features when tackling smells or stubborn stains. With the daily wash setting proving a good option for day-to-day loads, the specific silk cycle allows you to wash your delicates without damaging whilst a Woolmark endorsed wool cycle also features. There’s even a special baby cycle that gets rid of the tough stains young infants might cause.

Sadly, the Hotpoint BHWD129 is noisy and suffers from the long drying cycles that most washer-dryers are plagued by. It also feels slightly poorly made with more attention needing to have been paid to the details.