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Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113D 697S



Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113D 697S


Key Features

  • 11kg drum capacity
  • 1600 RPM spin speed
  • A*** energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £627.00

Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113D 697S

If a large drum size is your main concern when shopping for a washing machine, you really should check out the Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113D 697S. Most machines have a drum capacity of between 6-8kg, with a few larger models stretching to 9kg but the Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113D 697S has a capacity of a staggering 11kg — capable of almost double the load of many machines on the market.

In many machines when you go for a big drum you sacrifice the spin speed. Not so here. The maximum spin speed is 1600 revolutions per minute, which is again incredibly fast. You might think that such a large and powerful machine would use a lot of energy, but actually the Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113D 697S has A*** energy efficiency, partially because it has an automatic consumption control that makes sure the machine uses exactly the right amount of water and energy to clean your clothes and partially because of the Eco Cycles that uses 50-70% less energy than standard cycles.

So you can fit a large load of washing in your machine, but how does it wash? Well it’s full of fancy cycles and features. The wool cycle is endorsed by Woolmark, the world’s leading authority on wool and how to care for it. There is also a special duvet cycle, a bed and bath cycle and a setting to reduce creases.

The Baby Cycle will let you wash large, bulky loads of bedding and towels in two hours, removing all the stains you get on laundry when you have kids. Most cycles are very long, some taking three hours, but you can set the Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113D 697S to Steam Refresh, which is a 20 minute programme that uses nothing but steam to help remove smells from clothes and freshen up garments that are stain free.

The motor is Super Silent, meaning that it’s specially formulated to reduce noise during the wash cycle. However, as is to be expected with a large drum and fast spin, the spin cycle does make a fair bit of noise.