Hoover Vision HD VHC 691B


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Review Price £299.00

Key Features: B Class energy efficiency rating; 9kg drum capacity; Sensor drying

Manufacturer: Hoover

Hoover Vision HD VHC 691B

For those who need to dry lots of washing at once, or just want something with a bit of clout behind it, the Hoover Vision HD VHC 691B might be the dryer of choice. With a whopping 9kg drum capacity, a full 3kg bigger than the capacity of the average tumble dryer on the market, the Hoover unit, despite its size, is a very pretty and stylish tumble dryer. The large porthole door gives and interesting look and it also makes it easy to get the huge amounts of washing in and out of the machine.

The big machine doesn’t necessarily mean big bills, either. In fact the Hoover Vision HD VHC 691B has an energy efficiency rating of B, which is about as good as it gets for modern tumble dryers. Sure you’re not going to have an appliance that the more eco-friendly amongst us swoon at, but you’re not going to have an energy guzzling drier that leaves you with big bills.

With lots of auto settings the Hoover Vision HD VHC 691B is also easy to use. It has sensor drying, which means the Hoover Vision HD VHC 691B will look at the moisture levels of the clothes and in the machine to figure out when your clothes have finished drying, automatically ending the cycle when items are deemed dry. This is great as it will stop you faffing about with drying and re-drying your clothes.

This said, people have reported quite mixed results with sensor drying — many say it’s excellent and leaves the clothes bone dry, whilst others believe that it is a disappointing addition that fails to live up to its billing. Thankfully there’s a variety of cycles on the Hoover Vision HD VHC 691B so you can play around and find something that suits you.

The water collection container is at the very bottom of the Hoover Vision HD VHC 691B, which does make getting the water out a bit of a pain. It’s fairly quiet and has good extra features like a delay function, though.