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Hoover Sprint TSB2004



Hoover Sprint TSB2004


Key Features

  • Cyclonic suction
  • HEPA filter
  • Bagless dirt chamber
  • Manufacturer: Hoover
  • Review Price: free/subscription

Hoover Sprint TSB2004

Looks aren’t important when buying an appliance, but it’s impossible to deny that the Hoover Sprint TSB2004 looks absolutely lovely. It’s small and quite frankly a little bit adorable — but that small size makes it useful for having in a small flat or tiny family home where there isn’t much space as it can just be tucked away in a cupboard or in a narrow corner.

Because it’s small it’s also incredible light and easy to move around. Pushing it around your home isn’t a problem, but neither is picking it up and moving it from place to place. If you struggle with some of the heavier models of vacuum cleaners you can buy, a small and lightweight one like this might just be the answer.

The Hoover Sprint TSB2004 uses a cyclonic system, which means the dust doesn’t get collected into bags. Bagless vacuum cleaners are much easier to empty than bagged ones — there’s no faffing around with emptying or changing bags, you just pick it up and tip it in the bin. It’s also cleaner and more hygienic as you don’t have to risk breathing in lots of horrible dust and dirt, which makes the Hoover Sprint TSB2004 good for people with asthma or allergies. You will have to empty it quite often, though, because it’s only got a little dust capacity.

What else makes the Hoover Sprint TSB2004 good for people with dust allergies or asthma is the HEPA filter. A HEPA filter is specifically designed to reduce the amount of dust particles or pet hair that escapes the cleaner after being sucked up dramatically, so you actually clean your house rather than just spreading the muck from place to place.

The Hoover Sprint TSB2004 can have from between 1600 watts to 2000 watts of power, which makes it a fairly powerful little beast — and surprisingly noisy considering its tiny size. Whilst it doesn’t have the suction of the bigger models, for a smaller home it’s more than adequate.