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Hoover HNC6185A4



Hoover HNC6185A4


Key Features

  • 259 litre capacity
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Frost Free freezer technology
  • Manufacturer: Hoover
  • Review Price: £420.00

Hoover HNC6185A4

The Hoover HNC6185A4 is a tall fridge freezer with an internal capacity of 259 litres, which is distinctly average when compared with other models on the market. Using a compressor cooling system, the Hoover unit has an energy efficiency rating of A, which should save you money on electricity bills.

The fridge is found at the top of the Hoover HNC6185A4 and has a 170 litre capacity. Within, there are three adjustable glass shelves and one large salad crisper — some people prefer two because they can organise their produce more easily, but you do get slightly more space with just the one drawer.

The interior of the fridge on the Hoover HNC6185A4 has a very lovely looking chrome finish that sets the unit apart from its competitors whilst the door hosts a trio of commodity racks. The middle is huge, with space to store extra-large bottles of wine, pop or milk. There’s also an auto defrosting system.

The freezer has an 89 litre capacity and four transparent freezer drawers. It’s Frost Free, which means it prevents big build ups of frost and ice. This means the freezer is always working at its best capacity and you don’t have to spend ages defrosting the freezer every few months.

It’s also got four freezer stars, the highest rating that a freezer can have. When a freezer has four freezer stars you can keep food in it for up to a year, and it’s possible to freeze fresh food as well as frozen. However the freezer space is too small as fitting things such as frozen pizzas proves quite difficult.

The Hoover HNC6185A4 is very quiet once it’s settled down to a cold temperature and is easy to keep clean. It’s possible to change the hinges on the doors around so it opens from left to right, although this is a bit fiddly and best done with two people. There’s no temperature gauge, which is a bit annoying, and the build quality could be better.