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Home Cinema Product Of The Year 2016


Your votes helped us whittle down the shortlist for Home Cinema Products down to three finalists, after a year in which the inroads made into 3D in 2011 were not limited to TVs. In many productss, and in one in particular, 3D performance among projectors was taken to a new level.

The projector market has been steadily growing, and products are no longer the privilege of people with large living rooms dedicated to the home cinema experience. LED-based, small pico projectors are gaining in market share thanks to their convenient pocketable size, battery operation and low price – with HD picos set to come to the market very soon.

At the high end, projectors over £10,000 are lasting longer thanks to new bulbs, and are leading the market in terms of image quality.

Last month we published our shortlist for

Best Home Audio Player of 2011 and after weeks of public voting, we whittled the choice down to three finalists: the Sim2 Lumis 3D-S, the Sony VPL-HW30 and the BenQ W1200, before our panel of experts picked a winner and named their Home Cinema Product of the Year 2011.

Home Cinema Product Of The Year 2011 - the winners

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