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HiFiMAN HM-101
HiFiMAN HM-101

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June 21, 2012, 6:25 pm

Would have considered replacing my iMic with this as I do quite a bit of listening while working on my mac mini/Sennheiser combo. However the interference IS a deal breaker for me as my mobile is always nearby. The iMic is immune to this and so it will stay for the time being.

Nick 2

June 22, 2012, 12:35 pm

What about adding a little shielding to the device? Maybe wrap it in foil or something ? Just a thought. No idea if that would work.

Hamish Campbell

June 22, 2012, 2:40 pm

I can see the Fiio E7 is down to 52 pounds on amazon. I would guess it performs better with interference and hiss. Obviously, percentage-wise a large increase, but for many the 22 extra might be well worth it.

I would need Android to include usb audio out to justify moving from my E6.....might happen, especially in cyanogenmod, seems it would need to include a standard linux audio driver which currently isn't there, so sounds like the change wouldn't be dramatic to get it there.


February 10, 2013, 6:15 pm

wrap your head dumbass


February 9, 2014, 3:04 am

I just got the Hifiman HM-101 and I agree, for the most part, with the reviews. However, there are some mitigating factors. For some reason, the amount of noise it adds seems to vary considerably with the source. I suspect the noise is coming from the USB power supply as it is routed through the headphone amp section, because I noticed the noise far more when plugging it into some devices than others. For instance, when plugged into my iPad with a Camera Connection Kit (it works beautifully with that), there is virtually no noise added. There's more noise when plugged into some laptops.

The second thing is if you plug your headphones into the line out, it is actually loud enough for a lot of music and there's no added noise. It's a very clean signal from the line output. However, I prefer the sound via the headphone jack even when I have it connected to a device that adds a little bit of noise.

I will add this as well: beware as the device is rather fragile. I was carrying it in my jacket pocket with the USB cable attached to the little box. This is not a good idea as at some point during the day I must have managed to mush the cable a bit and it broke the connector. Do not try to save time by leaving the cable connected to this box! On the upside, however, this thing is SO cheap I thought nothing of getting another one to replace the one I had carelessly destroyed.

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