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Henge Docks 13-inch MacBook Air Dock review



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Henge Dock 13-inch MacBook Air dock 2
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  • Henge Dock 13-inch MacBook Air dock
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Our Score:



  • Sturdy, sleek base
  • Easy docking
  • Definitely saves space


  • Not quite snazzy enough for the price
  • Doesn't add extra ports

Key Features

  • Spacing-saving vertical design
  • Repeater ports for USB Displayport
  • Sturdy base
  • Manufacturer: Henge Docks
  • Review Price: £59.99

Laptops are fast replacing desktop PCs throughout both homes and businesses but when at a desk there's still no substitute for a proper keyboard, mouse, monitor and set of speakers, which is where laptop docks come in. The Henge Docks range are specially made for docking your MacBooks and give you instant connection to all your peripherals and, because they dock vertically, they save space too.

Available for most new and existing MacBooks (bar the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display), we're looking at the 13-inch Macbook Air version.

Henge Dock 13-inch MacBook Air dock

The Henge dock design really couldn't be simpler. The glossy white plastic base incorporates a rubber lined slot into which the laptop slides. At the bottom of said slot are plugs that marry up with the ports on that side of the laptop. In this case we've got a USB 3.0 plug and a mini DisplayPort plug. These connections are then repeated out the back of the dock.

Henge Dock 13-inch MacBook Air dock 2

So far, so conventional. However, this particular MacBook Air version of the dock - because the power socket for Macbook Airs is on the opposite side to the DisplayPort - doesn't include a socket for the power adapter. Instead you must attach the power cable to the other side of the laptop - the one that's stood 13-inches into the air.

This does rather destory this particular version of the Henge docks' appeal, as it only removes some of the labour of docking your laptop, not all of it. Nonetheless, it still has its merits. The build quality is good, if not quite very good. The glossy white finish looks excellent while the rubber lining of the docking slot is nice and thick. The base is also wide and sturdy so it holds your laptop securely, and thanks to thick rubber feet it won't slide around either.

Henge Dock 13-inch MacBook Air dock 1

However, there isn't quite enough quality on show here to justify the fairly steep price - the white plastic has a couple of sections where you can just make out the seams from the mould. Combined with the lack of any actual expansion of the ports already existing on the laptop and it really comes down to this being a space saving purchase only, all be it one that looks fairly tidy.


We like the idea of the Henge Dock 13-inch MacBook Air dock. It saves space, provides instant connection to your desktop peripherals and looks quite nice too. But with no port extension, and with you having to plug in your laptop's power cord separately, we don't feel it quite justifies its £60 price. We'd love to have one but wouldn't necessarily recommend buying one, unless space really is a premium.

Overall Score



July 7, 2012, 3:45 am

Eddie-- Next time, THINK before your write your review! The "flying power cable" saves you roughly $60, because it allows you to take the power supply along when away from home. The older models incorporated the MagSafe power connector into the base where it could not be removed easily. The only easy way to recharge your battery was to buy another power supply from Apple or one of their re-sellers. The feature you describe as a "bit of a nuisance" saves you 60 bucks. Thank you, Eddie! I'll take two... one for my 15-inch MBP at home and one for my 13-incher at work.

Nicely done, Henge. I give you a 9 out of 10. Some additional USB ports with the amps needed to recharge my iPad and iPhone would be very helpful. Sorry about Eddie's review, he's probably the "Droid" you were looking for.


April 26, 2013, 3:47 pm

So you save your hard earned cash for a stunning piece of shiny metal tech and yet dock it in a piece of plastic, really, and how long before the glue fixing the rubber inner starts to perish, and has it already had it's day with the advent of wireless charging technology?

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