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Latest On Ear (Supra-aural) Headphones reviews.

  1. Philips Fidelio F1

    Philips Fidelio F1

    Ultra-portable headphones with a focus on quality

  2. Musical Fidelity MF-200

    Musical Fidelity MF-200

    Headphones with big aspirations, but limited results

  3. SMS Audio Street by 50 Wired On-Ear Sport

    SMS Audio Street by 50 Wired On-Ear Sport

    50 Cent hits the gym with these headphones

  4. Grado SR60e

    Grado SR60e

    The best sounding headphones at £80

  5. Logitech UE 9000

    Logitech UE 9000

    These wireless headphones produce subwoofer-style bass and boast loads of features.

  6. Sony MDR-XB600

    Sony MDR-XB600

    New Xtra Bass headphones from Sony that pack lots of low-end punch.

  7. Ferrari Cavallino T250 4

    Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T250

    Classy-looking headphones stamped with Ferrari branding. Let's see how the engine purrs.

  8. Sennheiser Amperior 6

    Sennheiser Amperior

    About as fun as headphones can get, we've just gone and forgot about Dre.

  9. Monster Beats Solo HD review

    Monster Beats Solo HD

    A million Beats by Dr. Dre wearers can't be wrong, right?

  10. Blueant Embrace

    Blueant Embrace

    Simply some of the best on-ear headphones you can buy.

  11. Grado PS500

    Grado PS500

    A third the price of the exceptional Grado PS1000, these headphones deliver more than 1/3 the performance.

  12. Sennheiser HD 229

    Sennheiser HD 229

    Sennheiser throws off the shackles of its colour swabs to bring us its new loud, colourful and proud version of the classic HD 228.

  13. Bose QuietComfort 3

    Bose QuietComfort 3

    Boom, buzz and bustle begone, thanks to these noise cancelling headphones.

  14. Q350 1

    AKG Q350

    Are these Quincy Jones-endorsed 'phones off the wall?

  15. AKG Q460

    AKG Q460

    We find out how these lean, green music machines compare to the Monster Beats Solo.