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Latest Headphones reviews for £50 - £90.

  1. Nokia Purity In Ear WH-920

    Nokia Purity In Ear WH-920

    The great minds behind Beats by Dr. Dre buds bring you earphones for Nokia Lumia phones.

  2. Jays t-JAYS Four

    Jays t-JAYS Four

    Serious sound for under a hundred pounds? We look at the new Jays t-JAYS Four.

  3. Sennheiser HD 229

    Sennheiser HD 229

    Sennheiser throws off the shackles of its colour swabs to bring us its new loud, colourful and proud version of the classic HD 228.

  4. Jabra Sport

    Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headset

    Wireless calls become a reality for music-fuelled athletes with this Bluetooth headset.

  5. NS400 4

    Nocs NS400

    Great sub-£70 in-ear headphones made with titanium… and love.

  6. Sony MDR-PQ1

    Sony MDR-PQ1

    Urban-tinged headphones that posit pink 'n' black is the new black.

  7. Lindy Premium Hi-Fi

    Lindy Premium Hi-Fi

    Big headphones for, erm, big music fans. Or people with big ears.

  8. Sony MDR-ZX700

    Sony MDR-ZX700

    Headphones that perform on a work commute just as well as at home in front of the box.

  9. Q350 1

    AKG Q350

    Are these Quincy Jones-endorsed 'phones off the wall?

  10. Shure SE215

    Shure SE215

    They look like the top-end SE535, but can they compete on sound?

  11. Sennheiser HD 518

    Sennheiser HD 518

    The cheapest Sennheiser circumaural HD-series model is a winner.

  12. HiFiMAN RE0

    HiFiMAN RE0

    The best £60 you can spend on headphones.

  13. Sharkoon Xtatic SP

    Sharkoon Xtatic SP

    A stylish, comfortable stereo headset with bass-enhancing rumble effect.

  14. Jamo wEAR In20m

    Jamo wEAR In20m

    With boomy bass, hissy treble and poor detail, the Jamo wEAR In20m seem horribly overpriced - trounced by much cheaper rivals.

  15. Cresyn C720H

    Cresyn C720H

    The Cresyn C720h are the best closed-back 'phones you can get at the price.