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November 9, 2012, 2:08 am

Any chance you can tell us *which* platform this is intended for? It's in the 'Mobile App' section, so I guess that narrows it down, but nowhere does it say which mobile platform it's available for. There's a link in your review to the iTunes AppStore, so I figured out it's available for apple mobile products. iPad, or iPhone? Or both? Is it available for Android? What about Windows phone? Which version(s)? Links to the appropriate stores to purchase it from?


November 9, 2012, 5:18 pm

The comment by nanite2000 is exactly what I thought after I had calmed down after the small child like excitement of HE-Man.

The quality of this website continues to get worse. I hate to be critical as it has been a site I have viewed for many years but the only thing that probably keeps me coming back is I have yet to find another alternative.

Sad times :-(


November 10, 2012, 6:35 pm

same here. shocking lack of information.

I too have grown very disappointed with this site that i used to rely on for all my tech purchases. The reviews barely skim over features now, some don't even get a mention.

Too busy writing useless rumour threads for the latest apple tech to actually produce something useful for their core audience.

The final straw for me was just after the iphone 5 was released and there was a "news" thread about the best tariffs for the iphone, and this thread stayed on the front page for weeks above other more recent ACTUAL NEWS!
I thought it was a tech review site, not a price comparison site for phone deals!!
Anyone with half an interest in the latest phones will know where to look for their deals. I don't see why this site has to go down that route.

I use alternative sites most of the time now as i hate the new layout they brought in. All about banner ads and useless rumours.

My advice - get back to what made you popular in the first place - quality reviews. Or end up losing your readers.


November 14, 2012, 5:18 pm

The lack of any comment or argument from Trusted Reviews is sad. THe silence is deafening!


November 14, 2012, 6:58 pm

Apologies, I'll double check the platforms and add them in.


November 14, 2012, 7:21 pm

I feel your frustration but it has been a testing time recently. However in my three months or so at the top I've been trying to get the site back on the right track and feel progress has been made. And now that we've appointed a new full time editor that work should hopefully continue.

As to this particular review, I appreciate it's not the most in depth - and yes it should mention what platform it is for - but otherwise it's proportionate to the game price. It lets a he-man themed hack and slash game with a decent amount of gameplay that is good fun and that is made clear - what more do you feel you need to know before splashing 69p?


November 14, 2012, 7:36 pm

You may feel a story about iphone tariffs is not of interest to you but, with respect, you're not our only reader. We're able to track the click throughs from our homepage to see what people are interested in and that story, for the time it was kept on the homepage, far outperformed everything else. To not take advantage of that is just not sensible on our part.

That's not to say you don't have a valid point but I'm sure you can appreciate that we have to maximise engagement when it comes to fiercely competitive search terms. After all, the search volume - and thus potential traffic - for iPhone 5 is thousands of times greater than for any given other product so its imperative that we rank well on Google for that search. It may sound cynical to chase high Google rankings but ultimately if it's not directly taking away from everything else we do - which we feel it isn't - then where's the harm?


January 31, 2014, 8:37 pm

one year later, no platforms added...?

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