Best PSN Games 2017

The PSN is littered with amazing gems to add to your library, many of which are less than the cost of a full-priced game you’ll see in retail stores.

If you’re looking for some great titles to expand your gaming options aside from the latest triple-A releases, there’s more options now than ever.

TrustedReviews has rounded up the best PSN titles you can buy right now, some of which take advantage of PS4 Pro and PSVR, so if you own either of those, make sure to grab these games ASAP!

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Rocket League

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Did you ever watch that excellent episode of Top Gear featuring car football with Toyota Aygos? Perhaps some bright spark from Psyonix did, and turned it into a killer PSN title.

The vehicular soccer game was downloaded en masse when it was made free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Ever since, the raucous, thrilling gameplay makes for perfect pick-up-and-play fun in a wide array of arenas.

It also revolutionised sarcastic banter, especially when you make another hopeless attempt at a save. At least that’s what our friends say.


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Eyebrows were raised when developer IO Interactive announced that the next instalment in Agent 47’s famous series would be released episodically. Season 1 was to encompass six episodes in a range of exotic locations, James Bond-style.

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Yet some especially strong early episodes laid many worries to rest. Series highlight Sapienza wowed players with the freedom it allowed as you eliminate targets with the freedom and creativity you’d expect as the barcode-headed baldy.

Later episodes might not have reached these highs, but the series’ structure combined with inventive level design meant that players got to know every inch of the superb environments, challenging themselves to complete missions in ever more inventive and speedy ways.

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Rez Infinite

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Along with Amplitude, Rez Infinite is another PlayStation 2 remaster that has made the jump to PSVR. In fact, it didn’t just make the jump, it “is the best game on PlayStation VR right now,” according to our games editor Brett Phipps.

VR has transformed the 2001 classic into its definitive version, but the premise remains as simple as ever: It’s an on-rails shooter in which you aim and shoot at up to 8 targets.

The range of worlds you blast your way through are bewilderingly varied in style and colour. At times the game borders on sensory overload, but there’s nothing else out there quite like this psychedelic masterpiece.

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Thumper is as close to a killer app for PlayStation VR as it gets this side of Rez Infinite. It’s what developer Drool calls a ‘rhythm violence’ game and it’s just as distinctive as that sounds: you control a shiny, chrome space beetle along a track, hitting notes and dodging obstacles to finish each level.

With every successful note hit comes a satisfying musical, bass-filled payoff that still manages to be intoxicating even without a VR headset. Think of it as a single player, horror interpretation of Amplitude, and it’s exactly as exciting as that sounds.

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Developer: Thatgamecompany

When Journey was originally released on the PS3, it won numerous awards and gained global recognition for its stunning art style and innovative take on multiplayer.

We didn’t think it could get much better, but as the game is now in full 1080p HD on PS4, it just did.

We were hooked from the moment our little explorer’s feet touched the sand and we saw the mountain pierce the sky in the distance.

Journey is quite a hard game to explain, as it revolves around a magical scarf that makes you fly, which you’ll need to use on your travels to the mountain.

You’ll need to explore the vast desert and their ruins in the face of howling winds and oppressive heat as you soar through the skies.

And the additional beauty of Journey is that you can face the deserts alone, or with a stranger that you may meet along the way.

The PS4 version has an additional multiplayer mode to explore too, which you just have to see.

Price: £11.99 (cross-buy)
Platform: PS4 and PS3

Download Journey

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Axiom Verge

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Developer: Tom Happ

Axiom Verge looks and sounds like it should be an 8-bit NES game, but fret not. It plays like an absolute dream and is a testament to its sole developer Tom Happ.

It pulls together all the classic Metroidvania tropes into one slick and playable package. But that’s not all, it’ll test your trigger finger, while exercising your grey matter with some puzzles.

The game offers over 60 items and power-ups to collect, so getting that coveted 100 per cent completion score is actually fairly difficult.

If you love classic platformers with retro-style visuals, then Axiom Verge needs to be on your PS4.

Price: £14.99
Platform: PS4, PS Vita

Download Axiom Verge

Broken Age

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Developer: Double Fine

This point-and-click adventure from the legend that is Tim Schafer has been released in two parts. The first was dropped back in January 2014, but now we have both parts and they’re available on PSN for PS4 and PS Vita.

Broken Age is a stunning, hand-painted, 2D adventure that explores the intertwining stories of Vella and Shay. Vella is a young girl stuck in a world where young maidens are fed to a hungry monster, while Shay is in a place where he craves a real adventure.

You’ll have to work out a variety of puzzles to get the two teenagers the freedom they deserve and explore their very different worlds.

Basically all you need to know is that the puzzles are satisfying, the game is laced with brilliant jokes and ultimately the storyline’s twists are rewarding.

Price: £19.99 (Cross-buy)
Platform: PS4 and PS Vita

Download Broken Age

Stardew Valley

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Minecraft meets Harvest Moon in this endearing indie farming sim. Starting out with a modest plot of land and small house, you’ll toil away gleefully to refurbish the land and take on a surprising variety of activities.

The chase for new resources and quests will take you through dank, procedurally-generated caves, but tranquil Stardew Valley always proves a therapeutic refuge in which you can talk to, flirt with and even marry NPCs that can help on the farm.

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Don't Starve

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Developer: Klei Entertainment

Don’t Starve is pretty much the ultimate wilderness survival game.

You play as Wilson, a scientist who’s been trapped by a demon and stranded on a mysterious wilderness world. You’ll need to explore, finding yourself food and shelter and generally discovering how to look after yourself.

The game’s full of secrets to discover, threats to avoid and terrain to trawl. Wilson has to learn the tricks to survive if he ever hopes to escape the wilderness.

If you get the Reign of Giants EP, you’ll get new characters, seasons, creatures and other challenges to overcome.

Price: £11.49 or £14.99 with Reign of Giants Expansion
Platform: PS4, PS Vita

Download Don’t Starve

Escape Plan

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Developer: Fun Bits

Lil and Laarg are in trouble. The game’s villain, Bakuki, is intent on recycling our jiggly duo into black sludge and you need to help them escape the prison, which of course is packed with deadly traps.

You’ll have to navigate through over 90 puzzle rooms in this quirky, enjoyable puzzler, guiding our heroes through the various obstacles and traps that lie in their way. But you’ll also have to get grips with Lil and Laarg’s unique skill sets.

Originally launched in 2012 as a PS Vita exclusive to highlight it’s unique touch control system, but has now been ported to PS4 in 2015 with fantastic success.

Price: £9.99
Platform: PS4, PS Vita

Download Escape Plan


Developer: The Chinese Room

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture isn’t a “normal” game. It doesn’t have guns, it isn’t a platformer, or filled with puzzles. It’s a game that all about the story.

And in this game, it’s the tale of a very British apocalypse. It takes place in a fictional village in the middle of Shropshire during the mid-1980s. It’s not your normal kind of apocalypse either. Everyone’s just quietly disappeared.

Frankly, the less you know about Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and its story going into it, the better.

All you need to know is that it has stunning production values, superb graphics and music and the tale is pure science fiction and emotion. You’ll rarely get this type of experience in a game.

Price: £15.99
Platform: PS4

Download Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

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Developer: Mojang

2014’s been a busy year for Minecraft. The game, along with developer Mojang, got bought out by Microsoft, but it managed to sneak onto PS Vita and PS4 before it got a lot more Xbox focused.

If you’re not familiar with Minecraft, it’s a cube-tastic world-building game that’s turned into a phenomenon. You’ll have to build yourself a house, learn to defend yourself, maybe do a little farming, and generally explore the blocky world around you.

Price: £12.99. Or £2.99 to upgrade from the PS3/PS Vita cross-buy offer for PS4.
Platform: PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Download Minecraft

Race the Sun

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Developer: Flippfly LLC

Race the Sun is a rather unique game where you play as a solar-powered craft who must fly straight towards the sun in a terrifying race against time.

You can delay your eventual crash by catching speed boosts that can reverse the setting sun, but they’ll only last a moment.

It’s a game that you can play in bursts, when you’ve only got a short session of gaming available. There’s a focus on beating your high scores, but the tension will make Race the Sun enjoyable every time.

Price: £7.39 (Cross-buy)
Platform: PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Download Race the Sun

Shovel Knight

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Developer: Yacht Club Games

Although the PS4 is the latest in console technology, everyone craves a bit of nostalgia. And Shovel Knight delivers just that. This game attempts to explore 8-bit and 16-bit memories in a way that celebrates them — pulling out our old loves for 80s and 90s platformers to create one of the best and most authentic retro platforms of this decade.

It takes a while to get to grips with the old-school mechanics and the death system that forces you to leave a lot of gold behind, but when you do you’ll be engrossed for hours in this PSN title.

Price: £11.99 (Cross-buy)
Platform: PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Download Shovel Knight

The Swapper

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Developer: Curve Digital

This award-winning game is a must-have for every PlayStation console owner. The Swapper is a story-driven puzzle game where you play as a little spaceman stuck in the outer limits of space.

You’re armed with an experimental device that allows you to create clones of yourself or teleport yourself to different parts of the area. You’ll need to master this device in order to solve The Swapper’s many puzzles.

The graphics are stunning in this game, too, with the developer using hand-made clay models, photographed materials and other clever tricks to create the atmospheric environments.

Price: £11.99 (Cross-buy)
Platform: PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Download The Swapper

The Unfinished Swan

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Developer: Giant Sparrow

Originally released for PS3 back in 2012, Unfinished Swan was released this year for PS4 and PS Vita, allowing you to discover its artistic gameplay again on the newer platforms.

Unfinished Swan asks players to explore a completely whitewashed world by firing paint at your surroundings, thus revealing the hidden landscape.

You’ll need to follow the mysterious swan through the newly discovered landscape in this surreal world, solving puzzles along the way.

It’s an unusual gameplay style that you won’t find in any other games, and if you’ve not experienced it yet, Unfinished Swan looks fantastic on PS4.

Price: £9.99 (Cross-buy)
Platform: PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Download The Unfinished Swan

Trine Bundle

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Developer: Frozenbyte

This special Trine Bundle allows you to play the Entire Trine story, as it includes the original Trine: Enhanced Edition and the newer Trine 2: Complete Story.

Trine is a sidescrolling, physics-based game that offers action, puzzle solving and platforming. What makes it a bit different is that it includes strange machinery and pits you and your comrades against beastly foes.

You’ll need to take control of three different characters: Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the Thief. But in order to progress through this stunning world, you’ll have to use their combined skills to solve puzzles and save the Kingdom.

Price: £19.99
Platform: PS4

Download the Trine Bundle

Batman Arkham VR

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Rocksteady absolutely nails the idea of “being the Batman” within its opening moments. Once we glimpsed ourselves in the mirror wearing the famous Batsuit, our dreams had been realised better than every Halloween party we’ve ever been to.

Made even more thrilling by the exquisite soundtrack, Batman: Arkham VR lets you truly be the Bat, and anything else is a bonus in our book. And, even better, most of what comes after is impressive too, and well worthy of the venerable Arkham name.

It’s short at an hour long, and it of course lacks the expansive cityscape of the rest of the Arkham series, but Arkham VR still manages to be endlessly satisfying.

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Trine 3: Artefacts of Power

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Developer: FrozenByte

If you’ve never played a Trine game before, shame on you. But now Trine 3 is on PS4 you have no excuse.

It’s the first game in the series to take the usual side-scrolling action and make it a fully 3D affair. There are seven stunning chapters to play through with three well-crafted characters to take control of: Pontius the Knight, Amadeus the Wizard and Zoya the Thief.

Aside from being an excellent play, it also supports three player local co-op.

Price: £17.99
Platform: PS4

Download Trine 3

Child of Light

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Developer: UbiArt

This stunningly animated game is made by artists with an eye for nostalgia. It’s the tale of Aurora, a princess who lost her mother and is trying to return to her understandably grief-stricken father. But Aurora must also recover the sun, moon and stars that have been stolen from the wicked queen of the night. As you do.

Child of Light is a beautiful combination of classic JRPG and European folklore that arrives in the form of a hand-painted platformer.

It might not be a classic, but it’s certainly unmissable.

Price: £11.49 (Cross-buy)
Platform: PS4, PS3

Download Child of Light

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Developer: The Odd Gentleman

King’s Quest has been brought back to life by the team at a little studio known as The Odd Gentlemen. It’s being released in five chapter chunks, telling the story of the aging King Arthur and his many adventures.

Arthur’s granddaughter is trying to find out all about his life and his quest to become a knight of Daventry.

It’s a point-and-click adventure that’s packed full of whimsical characters, some head-scratching puzzles and perilous dangers.

The stories told are charming and exciting, keeping you gripped until the chapter’s close each time.

Price: £7.99 per chapter, or £23.99 for season pass
Platform: PS4 and PS3

Download King’s Quest

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Developer: Telltale Games

We were all quite surprised when Telltale Games revealed it was making a episodically-released spin-off of the block-based world-building Minecraft.

None of us saw that one coming. But none of us would realise that such a game would be so successful or so utterly charming.

You play as Jesse (male or female) as you embark on an adventure across the Overworld and beyond in search of the legendary Order of the Stone.

Terror has been unleashed upon the world, and it’s up to you and your friends to make the world right again.

Price: £4.99 per chapter or £24.99 for season pass
Platform: PS4 and PS3

Download Minecraft Story Mode

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Developer: Red Barrels Studio

This is hands-down one of the most terrifying games available on PS4 and will have you cowering behind the sofa cushions within the first 10 minutes.

Playing as a (frankly bonkers) journalist, you’ll find yourself in the remote mountains of Colorado investigating the long-abandoned but recently reopened Mount Massive Asylum – a home for the mentally ill.

You break into the facility, but of course get trapped in. The only way to escape is to find out what horrific truths lie at the heart of Mount Massive. Trust us, they’re really terrifying.

You’ll love the pause button in this survival horror.

Price: £15.49
Platform: PS4

Download Outlast


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Developer: Housemarque and Climax Studios

Looking for something that you can just dip in and out of? Resogun is a great arcade game that’ll allow you to do just that.

This game comes from the developers behind Dead Nation and Super Stardust, and is an intense shooter that sees you take on waves of enemies with some impressive weaponry.

You’re piloting a little ship, which you can upgrade as you progress through the levels and try to beat your own top score. Utterly addictive.

Price: £9.99 (Cross-buy)
Platform: PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Download Resogun


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Developer: Frictional Games

If you’re looking for something scary to fill that P.T shaped hole in your PS4, then Soma might be just the game for you.

It’s a first person horror game from the creators of Insomnia and Penumbra that’s frantic and full of bloody mayhem.

You play as Simon, a man who underwent an experimental brain scan and then woke up in an undersea base known as Pathos-II.

Much of the game is about stealth, lurking in the shadows and hiding yourself away from machines that think they’re men, things that were once men, and things created in the image of men. And the latter are horribly deformed, terrifying, hostile and coming after you.

Price: £23.99
Platform: PS4

Download Soma

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Tales from the Borderlands

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Developer: Telltale Games

Giving you a chance to get in on the Borderlands action on PS4 – and offering a fresh bout on the PS3 – Tales from the Borderlands is Telltale Games’ take on the series, which is usually published by 2K Australia.

The game, which is being released episodically, sees you play as Rhys, who’s equipped with a Hyperion “suit” and dreams of being Handsome Jack. There’s also another playable character called Fiona, who’s a Pandoran con artist with her eyes on the biggest swindle yet.

You’ll need to play both characters through the Tales from the Borderlands story, which is set after the event of Borderlands 2. Thankfully it retains the humour of developer Gearbox Software and the art style that helped it achieve fame.

Price: Season Pass – £15.99
Platform: PS4, PS3

Download Tales from the Borderlands


Developer: The Astronauts

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is part experience and part game, especially as for the most part you’re a bystander in Ethan’s story.

You play as lone detective Paul Prospero who receives a letter from Ethan and quickly realises this is a young boy who’s in danger.

It’s your job to find out what happened to him in this story-driven mystery game that offers an immersive story experience on PS4.

This is a stunning game that really tests your mental abilities and drops you in the centre of a weird fiction tale.

Price: £15.49
Platform: PS4

Download The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

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Developer: UbiArt

Another UbiArt title, Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a 2D graphic adventure that explores some of the horrors of the First World War. It’s the tale of four people and one heroic dog, woven into a narrative tied to real events.

Not only does it look incredible thanks to its UbiArt 2D style and animation that’s full of personality, but it offers some nice puzzle elements and the story manages to explore the more human moments of the Great War.

There’s an endearing warmth to this PSN game, which is overall a little strange but beautiful and very special.

Price: £11.99
Platform: PS4, PS3

Download Valiant Hearts: The Great War

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Developer: Mike Bithell

Many thought that Volume would be Mike Bithell’s difficult second album, following on from Thomas Was Alone. But, Volume is quite the gem. It’s an homage to what makes the perfect stealth game.

It riffs on the classic Robin Hood story, apart from you’re playing as Rob Locksley, a hacker, who uses an AI he’s obtained to outfox the rich and famous – giving power, rather than money, to the poor.

Volume’s uncluttered gameplay really emphasises its focus on puzzle solving, with excellent stealth mechanics and a tonne of gadgets to play with.

It’s absorbing to the point of distraction. Might want to set aside a long, rainy afternoon for this one.

Price: £14.99
Platform: PS4

Buy Volume

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Towerfall Ascension

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Originally an Ouya exclusive, Towerfall Ascension is an enthralling four-person archery battle royale that we’re thankful made its way to other platforms.

Every moment is chaotic fun as you and your frenemies desperately scramble for the necessary ammo and powerups to survive. This combined with the tight, beautifully-pixelated arenas lead to every round being a real blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair, and, naturally, huge couch co-op fun.

Night in the Woods

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This Kickstarter-backed 2D sidescroller tells a mean story as you inhabit the fur of anthropomorphic feline Mae. Set against the vibrant, cartoony canvas of Possum Springs, traditional gameplay takes a back seat as developer Infinite Fall doubles down on narrative.

Which means that, whilst your means of interaction are limited, it’s the stories you experience with your fellow critters that really shine in Night in the Woods. It might not have the high-octane action of Call of Duty or the strategic depth of Civilization, but Night in the Woods tells a great story if you’re patient enough to unearth it.

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Telltale fans could well be experiencing a touch of burnout as TT’s now tried-and-tested narrative formula appears to be stretching thin across a many universes.

But The Walking Dead is really where it all started for Telltale, and season 3 of their popular zombie apocalypse series starts strongly with new lead Javier Garcia. Those clamouring for more Clementine will also be satisfied as you make more difficult decisions and new friends who will definitely die.

Episode three ‘Above the Law’ released recently on March 28, and the plot is thickening in your face-off with those nutcases at The New Frontier.

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Amplitude is an ideal rhythm-action game for those looking for an alternative to Guitar Hero. A HD remake of the same game from the PlayStation 2 days, Amplitude asks you to jump between drums, synth, guitars, and vocals on a variety of tracks.

This songs in this crowd-funded remake might lack the diversity of games like Guitar Hero or Rockband, but Amplitude is still great fun whether you’re alone or you can cobble together a techno-focused band all of your own.

And you don’t need any expensive peripherals cluttering your house when you’re done. Your attic will be grateful.

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What Remains of Edith Finch

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From the developers of The Unfinished Swan comes one of the finest narrative experiences of 2017. Following the unfortunate tale of a haunted family, you step into the shoes of multiple different people as they meet their end through a series of wonderfully crafted flashbacks

It’s haunting, poetic and easily the best walking simulator out there. Those who enjoyed the likes of Gone Home, Firewatch and even Outlast will find plenty to love here. It’s also ruddy gorgeous to boot.

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