Best iPad Air cases 2013

Looking for an iPad Air case to wrap around and protect its slimmer, lighter body? We round up the best iPad Air cases to buy when you get your hands on the the new Apple tablet.

While we didn’t expect the name change, we did anticipate the new iPad Air would get a re-design in the looks department. Thinner than the iPhone 5S and lighter than the iPad 4 it will replace when it launches on November 1st, the new Apple tablet has also been joined by its own official Smart case and covers.

For prospective iPad Air owners not particularly impressed with Apple’s Smart case and cover offerings, the likes of Belkin, Griffin, Proporta, Incipio, and Otterbox are set to unleash new ranges to accommodate the lighter, leaner Air.

Whether you want to add some protection for your expensive investment, need a keyboard to type on or just want something as good looking as your brand new tablet, these are the new iPad Air cases to look out for.