Best Hand Blenders 2018: 6 of the best you can buy

Looking for a new hand blender to turn your kitchen nightmares into kitchen dreams? We round up our pick of the best hand blenders we’ve tested. 

Hand blenders are an essential kitchen gadget for any serious home chef. They’re ideal for whipping up sauces and soups, and most models come in at a far more reasonable price compared to sophisticated food prep gadgets that could set you back hundreds of pounds.

To ensure you pick the best hand blender for your needs, consider the task for which you’ll use it most. If you’re mainly interested in making sauces, opt for one that has a dedicated tool for the job. Most of the blenders in our roundup include several attachments, so be sure to check what they are.

For making soups, you’re unlikely to need as many attachments, but if you’ll be using your blender to prepare lots of vegetables then a chopping tool will be a godsend. Also, is the beaker or bowl included – and how big is it? If it doesn’t fit your size requirements then you may need to look elsewhere.

How we test hand blenders

We put the hand blenders through their paces by using them just as you would at home. If recipes are included in the accompanying literature, then we attempt them and report on whether their easy to follow and how good they taste. We make smoothies, sauces and soups – and include info on whether all parts of the machine are easy to clean.


Key features:

  • 200w motor
  • One attachment
  • Two speeds

The Russell Hobbs 22241 is a cheap and cheerful hand blender, in a really good way. If you simply need a blender to blend, without fancy extra feet for other jobs, then this is well worth a look.

At 200W it’s not very powerful, but it does a good job of blending soup. Chickpeas were a bit harder going but it managed a decent job on the faster of the two settings.

It’s not going to win any awards for its design – it’s a simple stick blender, with its blending foot made out of plastic rather than metal. You’ll find it more susceptible to stains and heat because of that, but at this price, it comes with the territory.

It’s a bit weedy but it does the basics just fine and at this price, that’ll be enough for many. If you don’t need extra accessories, it’ll save you cupboard space as well as money.

At the time of review, the Russell Hobbs Food Collection 22241 hand blender was available for £12.99

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Key features:

  • 1000W motor
  • Multiple attachments, including a masher and whisk
  • 600ml beaker

The Braun MultiQuick 9 is one of the most impressive hand blenders on the market. Not only does it look good, with its black and stainless steel finish, it produces finer results than much of the competition.

An impressive 1000W motor, plus a mobile blender leg that moves up and down as you use it – creating a greater cutting surface for its blades – ensure the MultiQuick 9 get the job done in a whizz.

The Braun even includes a smart safety button to prevent accidental switch-ons, with a second button to control speed.

It comes with a whole host of attachments for chopping, slicing, mashing, whipping and kneading, with its EasyClick+ system ensuring connecting and disconnecting them all is quick and easy.

It performs well across the board, and its splash-minimising design keeps mess to a minimum. It’s more mini-food processor than a hand blender, which makes it great for those who are short on space.

At time of review, the Braun MQ9087X MultiQuick 9 was available for £159.99.

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Key features:

  • 650W motor
  • Masher, chopping bowl and whisk accessories
  • 750ml beaker

If you’re tired of the all-or-nothing performance of the average hand blender, you might want to consider the Morphy Richards Total Control.

It’s equipped with the company’s Smart Response Technology, which builds up speed gradually so blitzing food comes without the usual jerks and splatters.

Simply choose one of its eight speeds, squeeze the control button and let the blades – which stay sharp for 12 times longer than standard blades, apparently – do their work. They slow down steadily once you release it.

More power comes in the form of a Turbo button, while a host of accessories make pureeing, blending, chopping, crushing ice, whisking and mashing super-easy. There are even storage lids included for both containers.

Fuss-free, easy to clean and plenty powerful, the Morphy Richards Total Control Hand Blender is a versatile kitchen tool that will be your go-to for almost any food-prep task.

At time of review, the Morphy Richards 402052 Total Control Hand Blender Pro Set was available for £69.99.

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Key features:

  • 700w motor
  • Three attachments – blending foot, sauce foot and whisk
  • Variable speeds

The Tefal Infiny Force is a hand blender with larger ambitions. It comes with three handy attachments to make it a foodie’s friend in the kitchen, including a sauce foot for making your own mayonnaise, if you’ve ever fancied it.

You also get a standard blending foot and a whisk attachment, plus two jugs – an 800ml for soups and a smaller one for sauces.

All attachments worked really well during testing, with a variable speed dial for adjusting just how much welly the job at hand needs. And if you need a burst of power to finish it off, there’s a turbo button for exactly that.

It’s well designed and sits nicely in the hand – even smaller hands should have no problems here. We found it was a bit tricky to clean though, and it’s not the cheapest either.

At the time of review, the Tefal Infiny Force was available for £59.99.

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Dualit DHB2

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Key features:

  • 700W motor and ergonomic design
  • Food processor pot, measuring jug, whisk accessory and stem blender
  • Turbo mode for tough foods

The Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender is an excellent choice for any discerning chef. Its 700W motor, upgraded from 500W of its predecessor, means it handles foods better and it comes with all the necessary accessories. There’s also a turbo mode for dealing with super-tough blends.

Other thoughtful touches include a handy spout for adding ingredients to the food processor pot mid-blend. We’d prefer a means of locking the pot to the blender more securely, and the smart chrome finish does mark easily.

Nevertheless, this remains a very good hand blender that will prove invaluable for serious chefs.

Buy Now at from £72

At time of review, the Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender was available for £80.

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Key features:

  • 700w motor
  • Three attachments – blending foot, whisk, chopper
  • Two speeds

The Braun MQ3025 Spaghetti is a pretty affordable hand blender that comes with whisk and chopping attachments, as well as its blending foot.

It’s powerful and well featured, and we found it a jack of all trades in its blending abilities. It can’t make spaghetti though – that’s just a quirky name.

We really like its industrial design, and found it easy to hold with good grip. The two speed buttons for hopping between fast and slow fall nicely under our fingers when we hold it too.

So how did it perform? Its chopping attachment is small but mighty, making easy work of parmesan, while the blending foot mushed chickpeas into super-smooth hummus without question. The whisk did a good job on our egg whites too, getting firm peaks within 30 seconds.

For its price, you’ll struggle to find better, and it’s our current Editor’s Choice.

At the time of review, the Braun MQ3025 Spaghetti was available for £32.99.

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