Best Dash Cams 2018: 11 of the best dashboard cameras


Key features:

  • 2,560 x 1,440 maximum resolution
  • G-sensor for detecting incidents
  • Optional GPS accessory

The Vico-MF3 is a simple, reasonably priced Dash Cam that does the basics well. If you’re after high quality road footage, the MF3’s top recording format of “2K Ultra HD” should keep you happy. Its top resolution is 2,560 x 1,400 at 30 frames per second, producing impressively detailed video akin to that of some of the more pricey dash cams.
At max resolution, the MF3 can keep just under an hour of footage on the 8GB microSD card before looping kicks in, wiping old footage. Five buttons flanking the cam’s large 3-inch display offer easy access to its features.
There’s one handy button on top for marking events, which sets the current video file as not to be overwritten. Pressing this will automatically send that file to a separate Events folder on the microSD card for you to review later.
The MF3’s lack of built-in GPS is the only real let-down. You have to buy an external device for £35 to track your location, and get features like lane departure, forward-collision warnings and speed camera alerts.
Without the GPS, you’re limited to just a few tricks: a G-sensor for incident detection, a headlights-on reminder, driver fatigue alert and a lead car departure alert. The latter feature will detect when the car in front moves in stationary traffic and let you know – just in case your mind has drifted.
Putting aside the absence of GPS, the MF3 offers superb video detailing and intuitive control, making it a great budget buy.

At the time of the review the VicoVation Vico-MF3 was available for £139

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