Best Dash Cams 2018: 11 of the best dashboard cameras

RAC 03

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Key Features:

  • ‘Super HD’ 1,296p camera
  • 4.3-inch screen
  • Safety camera locations

A dashboard camera with a twist, the RAC 03 is actually a massive rear-view mirror which straps over your existing one. Not only will the RAC 03 record the road ahead, but you get an enhanced rear-view at the same time.

Much like the RAC 05, the 03 will record footage in 2,340 x 1,296 resolution, with a 2,520 x 1,080 setting which doesn’t actually widen the view, just narrows the window vertically whilst increasing the horizontal resolution. There’s a microSD slot available for video storage, and the device comes with a 8GB card. At the top video resolution and quality settings, this will be enough for a little over 50 minutes of footage.

After plugging the 03 into a power source, a 4.3-inch screen appears in the middle of the mirror. The screen then disappears if you don’t configure any settings or touch any buttons. The RAC 03 also comes with a built-in GPS, so your location information is recorded alongside the video, as well as safety camera warnings, collision detection, and the ability to set alerts for when you exceed a certain speed.

The 03 comes with new Dash Cam software rather than relying on Google’s software, as with the RAC 05. It’s quite a bit more feature rich, and not unstable like the latter.

With decent footage quality and plenty of extra features, the RAC 03 is a novel and very functional dashboard camera.

At time of review the RAC 03 was available for £169.99

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