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With the release of the Apple Watch Series 2, and updates to watchOS, there’s no better time to consider slapping an Apple Watch on your wrist.

But to really take advantage of such a high-tech piece of kit, you’ll want to install the best apps to get the most out of your shiny new device.

When the Apple Watch first launched, the app experience was, to be blunt, rather underwhelming. Fortunately, things have greatly improved thanks to updates introduced in watchOS 2 and later watchOS 3.

Apps can now run natively on the Apple Watch and also sit in memory, meaning they fire up far quicker than before. There’s also a new app switcher view, that lets you jump between running apps with far less fuss.

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Now that developers have had ample time to get to grips with developing apps suitable for your wrist, the selection of app has expanded significantly since launch, too.

There are now apps ranging from media playback to navigation to smart home control, meaning you’re better equipped than ever to leave your iPhone in your pocket to complete basic tasks.

With such a wide selection of apps vying for your wrist, that’s a lot to sift through. Thankfully, we’ve done just that and picked some of the absolute best.


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