Best Android Launcher Apps to Download 2016


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Don’t like the look of your Android phone’s interface? There’s a way to change it – using Android launcher apps. They’ll work with any Android phone from a Samsung Galaxy S5 to a nice ‘n’ cheap Motorola Moto E.

What launchers do is replace the top layer of your phone’s interface, including your home screens and the apps menu, with a third-party alternative.

Google has just released its own Google Now interface to just about everyone. It made its debut in the Nexus 5, but now you can get involved too. We’ll take a look at what it’s like in this feature. But what about all the other options out there?

Android launcher apps have been around for years, and some of our top picks have been in development for years. They get you new features, a new look and – generally speaking – much more customisation than you get with the interfaces that come pre-installed on Android phones.

We’ve given all the most popular options a go to see which ones you should try out. Here are our top Android launcher picks for 2016.