4 Best American and French-style Fridge Freezers

American and French-style fridge freezers are great if you have a spacious kitchen and a large family. We’ve selected the best you can buy to help you decide on the one for you.

The term American-style generally refers to a double-width fridge-freezer with two doors, while a French-style fridge freezer is laid out a little like a wardrobe, with a pair of upper doors and two or three large freezer drawers beneath.

Both variations are sometimes referred to as double fridge freezers, and often include bonus extras like an ice machine and a water cooler. These machines most commonly use an internal water tank that you’ll need to refill every now and again, but some require a mains water supply, which means you’ll need to plumb the unit in.

All the fridge freezers in this round-up have been put through their paces by our dedicated testing team. We monitor the temperature in multiple areas of each section of the fridge freezers, and even go as far as tracking total power usage and noise levels, too. Of course, we also cram in lots of food to make sure each machine is up the job of keeping a veritable feast nice and fresh.

Read on to see our favourite American and French-style fridge freezers.


Key features:

  • 364-litre fridge capacity
  • 192-litre freezer capacity
  • Water dispenser
  • LED lighting
  • Stainless steel-effect front

Here’s an affordable American-style fridge freezer with bags of features and plenty of chilling space to boot. It’s split 65/35 in favour of the fridge, and boasts some 556 litres of usable capacity for food storage on an epic scale.

In our tests, this mammoth chiller clocked impressively low running costs, which is even more impressive when you consider its outstanding temperature control and overall performance. A Holiday mode further increases its energy efficiency, enabling you to jet off knowing your fridge freezer is behaving itself.

One of the Hisense RS723N4WC1’s greatest highlights is an in-door chilled water dispenser complete with 4-litre water tank inside the fridge. There’s a handy twist-and-store ice-cube maker, too. This fridge freezer also claims to have frost-free multi-airflow cooling, which should minimise maintenance. Fuss-free and intuitive control of the entire operation is via a touch control on the left-hand door.

Buy now: Hisense RS723N4WC1 at Power Direct from £519.72

At the time of the review the RS723N4WC1 was available for £599


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Key features:

  • A+ energy rated
  • Frost-free
  • 80cm-wide, 4-door fridge freezer
  • 289 litres fridge capacity
  • 2 x 71 litres freezer capacity
  • H181 x W79.4 x D70cm

With its stainless-steel effect finish, water dispenser and sophisticated-looking touch controls, the Hisense RQ560N4WC1 certainly makes a statement way beyond its price point. The good news is that this four-door fridge freezer has a roster of features to match its high-end look.

Big capacity and frost-free freezer compartments make a promising start to the RQ560N4WC1’s food storage offerings. You can set the freezer compartments to different temperatures using the LED touch display in the centre of the doors. You can also create target temperatures, and choose from various modes including Holiday and Super Cool.

We particularly liked how the RQ560N4WC1 organises its storage space, with wire bottle racks in the right-hand door to free up the shelves. The top freezer drawers have open fronts for quick-grab items, and there’s LED illumination in both freezers, which is a rare thing. A non-plumbed water dispenser sits on the right-hand door to put icy-cold drinks at your fingertips. Oh, and it’s available in black, if your kitchen can handle such a bold statement.

Buy now: Hisense RQ560N4WC1 at Appliance Electronics from £695

At the time of the review the Hisense RQ560N4WC1 was available for £750

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Key features:

  • 4-door, French-style
  • 378-litre fridge capacity
  • 152-litre freezer capacity
  • Plumbed-in, filtered water
  • Blue fresh lighting

Before you even consider the Blomberg KFD4952XD, it’s worth knowing that this monster-sized appliance is going to stick out from your kitchen worktop by at least 15cm. But with mommoth proportions come features galore. If your kitchen can handle the size, you won’t be disappointed by this giant’s cooling prowess.

The four-door fridge freezer sports an ice-maker and water cooler, which are both mains supplied. While this will require plumbing in, it at least means you never have to fill up a tank. There’s strong LED lighting inside the salad trays inside the fridge, which is claimed to have an antibacterial effect in cool environments. In other words: no more wilting lettuce.

The storage space inside the KFD4952XD is used well, and there’s plenty of freezer space for flying saucer-sized pizzas and more. The top drawer has a removable basket, which also acts as a handy separator when you’ve stuffing in lots of frozen goods. Audition this feature-packed fridge freezer if you’ve got big cooling dreams for your big kitchen.

Buy now: Blomberg KFD4952XD at PRC Direct from £1099.99

At the time of the review the Blomberg KFD4952XD was available for £1099.99

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Beko ASGH542B

4 of 4


Key features:

  • 368-litre fridge / 176-litre freezer
  • A+ energy efficiency
  • Ice/water dispenser

If you’re in the market for an American-style fridge freezer, you’re probably already prepared for the appliance to stand out, but the ASGN524B takes eye-catching to another level. Resplendent in a full-body sleek, gloss-black finish with high-end details like brushed stainless steel control panel, the ASGN542B really brings the wow-factor into your kitchen.

Its A+ energy efficiency rating means it’s incredibly cheap to run considering its colossal size; our tests put them at an average of £45 per year. That’s admirably low for a double-door giant – especially considering its consistent temperatures, fan cooling and other brilliant features.

The ASGN542B has ice and water on tap, dispensing crushed ice or cubes via the door for those sweltering summer days. Its water supply can be plumbed in or fed by an internal tank, which makes it more versatile if you have an awkward kitchen layout. The control panel comes in handy too, offering up an open door warning, low energy mode selection, and a vividly coloured status indicator bar. The lights disappears when it’s not being used, keeping things looking chic and simple.

The fridge is enormous and well laid out, with fanned air cooling in both compartments and four shelves with adjustable heights. An EverFresh+ feature promises to keep your veg fresh for 30 days, too. There’s a little space taken up by the ice maker, but overall, you’d need to be running a restaurant if you wanted more storage capacity than this giant can offer. Perfect for big families with even bigger appetites.

Buy Now: Beko ASGN542B Fridge Freezer at Amazon from £715.00

At the time of the review the Beko ASGN542B was available for £899

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