1. TomTom GO LIVE 1005

    TomTom GO LIVE 1005

    Price as reviewed £242.39
    26 Jan 2011
    Our rating:

    After raising the bar with the GO LIVE 1000, TomTom now increases the screen size.

  2. TomTom Via LIVE 120

    TomTom Via LIVE 120

    Price as reviewed £149.39
    29 Dec 2010
    Our rating:

    Some of the key technologies of TomTom's flagship GO LIVE 1000 are now available for a mid-range price.

  3. Garmin nuvi 3790T

    Garmin nuvi 3790T

    Price as reviewed £220.10
    17 Nov 2010
    Our rating:

    Garmin's latest sat-nav is slim and ready to receive your every command.

  4. TomTom GO 1000 LIVE front angle

    TomTom GO 1000 LIVE

    Price as reviewed £202.83
    13 Sep 2010
    Our rating:

    TomTom raises the bar once more on sat-nav technology

  5. Navigon 40 Premium

    Navigon 40 Premium

    Price as reviewed £139.99
    16 Aug 2010
    Our rating:

    Does Navigon's new naming strategy come with groundbreaking new features?

  6. Motorola Motonav TN550 Sat-Nav

    Motorola Motonav TN550 Sat-Nav

    Price as reviewed £179.99
    24 May 2010
    Our rating:

    Another unusual sat-nav from Motorola, but this time with a keener asking price.

  7. Medion GoPal P5235 Sat-Nav

    Medion GoPal P5235 Sat-Nav

    Price as reviewed £189.99
    7 Dec 2009
    Our rating:

    The Medion GoPal P5235 isn't the prettiest sat-nav in the world but it does the job perfectly well.

  8. Garmin nuvi 1490T Sat-Nav

    Garmin nuvi 1490T Sat-Nav

    Price as reviewed £172.68
    28 Sep 2009
    Our rating:

    With its 5in widescreen display and attractive price, the Garmin nuvi 1490T sat-nav looks like a bargain.

  9. TomTom XL LIVE IQ Routes Edition Sat-Nav

    TomTom XL LIVE IQ Routes Edition Sat-Nav

    Price as reviewed £219.99
    6 Jul 2009
    Our rating:

    James takes a look at the TomTom XL, now featuring the LIVE system.

  10. Navman S300 T Sat-Nav

    Navman S300 T Sat-Nav

    Price as reviewed £249.99
    9 Mar 2009
    Our rating:

    James takes a look at Navman's second Glide Touch device, but is he impressed?

  11. Navman S100

    Navman S100

    Price as reviewed £179.99
    17 Dec 2008
    Our rating:

    Can the new Navman give TomTom a run for its money?

  12. TomTom Go 530 Traffic Sat-Nav

    TomTom Go 530 Traffic Sat-Nav

    Price as reviewed £219.00
    10 Nov 2008
    Our rating:

    By sharing many of the Go 930's features, TomTom's GO 530 Traffic makes for a compelling sat-nav choice. Updated with video review.

  13. NDrive G280R Sat-Nav

    NDrive G280R Sat-Nav

    Price as reviewed £198.58
    2 Sep 2008
    Our rating:

    NDrive's G280R sat-nav uses satellite imagery on top of its maps, but is it any good?

  14. Magellan Maestro 4245 Sat-Nav

    Magellan Maestro 4245 Sat-Nav

    Price as reviewed £214.99
    18 Jun 2008
    Our rating:

    Magellan's been part of the GPS scene for a long time, so does its Maestro 4245 sat-nav reflect this? Jon finds out.

  15. TomTom XL Traffic Europe 22

    TomTom XL Traffic Europe 22

    Price as reviewed £224.95
    12 Jun 2008
    Our rating:

    TomTom has a reputation for making excellent sat-navs and the latest XL model - with its new mount - is no exception.