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GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

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  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
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  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

Jeremy Rollinson

July 14, 2013, 5:12 pm

What's the battery life and memory ? - could I capture 5- 6 hours of cycling for instance


August 20, 2013, 10:33 am

I've used this camera in a professional broadcast capacity. To sum it up in one word: unreliable. Three separate units from three different sources (hired, bought and bought) have all let me down on shoot. Frankly I don't think I'll ever hire one or use one again, I just can't afford the risk.


September 7, 2013, 3:26 pm

The camera is good but the company's service is horrible. If you order direct from them, you get hit with undisclosed charges. Their solution? They issue an RMA and you send it back. Then you are out the shipping in both directions, as well as taxes, duty, etc. and you have no camera to show for the hundreds of dollars you just lost. Then they leave you high and dry and do nothing for you. None of this is communicated until after it is too late.

Daniel Hughes

October 3, 2013, 5:03 pm

Really unhappy with my gopro black 3. I'm about to contact the company for a full refund because as far as I am concerned, it is a piece of junk. Problems: Gopro studio continuously crashes, the video the camera has shot jump, freeze and stutter so badly I cannot use the footage anyway. I have recorded about 120GB of data and less than 0.5GB is of any use. The battery life is less than 2 hours as stated, sometimes just 1.5 hours. Gopro studio is absolutely unusable really angry. Also, what Gopro dont tell you is that all of the videos on their website have been professionaly edited by marketing professionals with progrmas like FCP 7 and Photoshop. So unless you have a video editing degree and a few years to learn those software packages then your videos will never look anything like theirs. The other massive down fall is that whilst your new Gopro will shoot HD video, unless you are a Youtube partner or have a premium vimeo account, you can only ever upload mp4 files. I can do that with 5 year old nokia

Dirt Bike Xpress

October 18, 2013, 10:52 am

The GoPro is pretty awesome, we have a couple of the guys in the office with them. Our team used them last year and they gave us some great footage!

We stock quite a big range of them from the cheapest to the brand new edition, and have had nothing but great feedback about them!

Murat Demirağ

November 14, 2013, 7:56 pm

Hello all,

Hero Black Edition is still cool... But now people are talking about Hero 3+. I am sure you have heard about it.

GoPro Hero 3+ release made us, GoPro fans excited. I especially use GoPro in my underwater shots. I am in love the way GOPro Hero 3 Black Edition records, but this new segment is better in a couple of ways. But there are also cons. Let me give you a few examples:

Pros of the new GoPro Hero 3+

*Wider angle to shoot
*Smaller in size
*Better low light mode

Cons of the new GoPro Hero 3+

*Warms very fast (not a problem for underwater users, but the rest)
*Still has complex menu
*Frequently looses wi-fi connection when an iPad is used

I have a detailed review in my blog about GoPro Hero 3+, for the ones who are looking for more information, videos and reviews of other owners.



February 24, 2014, 3:20 pm

do something worth shooting on video and then you would have more than .5 GB of useable shots...

Martin C

February 27, 2014, 4:14 pm

Interesting to hear from a pro; what do you recommend instead?

John Richardson

June 6, 2014, 3:25 pm

i treated myself to a new gopro here 3 black at xmas for some kitesurfing moments. ive just got back from egypt where i used my gopro for some snorkeling so nothing deep. sadly my gopro leaked at around 6ft of depth. looked at the housing and there was a tiny pit of water in there. informed gopro who washed there hands of it saying they dont guarantee there products underwater as it cant be proven that it wasnt users fault, ive checked my gopro in a swimming pool and it has leaked again but sadly all gopro would offer is 40% discount on a gopro 3+ thats 40% of there website price which is more expensive than if i shopped around sadly gopro do not have confidence in there own product. id never recomend gopro to anybody 3/10 for customer service

Don Chadwick

August 17, 2014, 9:54 pm

Chances are the video stutter is down to the memory card. You need a Class 10 card ideally. Anything less won't handle the data throughput speeds. goPro Studio is certainly not in the same class as FCP, SONY VEGAS et al. those suites do take an age to master. can get half decent results from the GOpro Studio package...takes a little time and patience and practice. Also, it doesn't matter how great/expensive your editing/production package is, the original footage needs to good. Think about how you want the finished output to look like and plan your shots around that.

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