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Gear4 BluStream RX Bluetooth Receiver - gear4 BluStream RX Bluetooth receiver

Ardjuna Seghers

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Getting down to actual use, the BluStream RX is a dream to set up. All you need is a Bluetooth-enabled source, a power socket, and an output like a Hi-Fi system or headphones, and you're good to go. For iPods which aren't Bluetooth-enabled, Gear4 offers a BluStream TX Bluetooth transmitter dongle (unfortunately this is shaped to support iPods only, but I'm guessing it could be modified into working with other devices - check before you buy).

Thanks to the BluStream RX only having one button, it's equally easy to use. Once everything's plugged in, just press the top of the device, and after turning on the little Bluetooth logo in its centre will start to flicker blue and red. The device is now in pairing mode, so just do a quick search from your phone or other Bluetooth device and it should detect Gear4's diminutive beauty.

Now you're all hooked up and ready to go, and the LED should have settled into a steady, calm blue flicker. To turn it off, simply press the same button again, then proceed to wiping the top gently with a lint-free cloth, which is the only notable omission in Gear4's otherwise complete package. Though in all fairness, fingerprints are not as easy to spot as on some devices, but they can become aparent in certain lighting conditions. Personally, I think this is a small price to pay for the stunning design, but it is something to keep in mind.

The BluStream RX worked with every device we threw at it, and provided a level of audio quality that seems comparable with other Bluetooth audio receivers. Perhaps not ideal for the discerning audiophile, but for the tech-savvy, style conscious consumer who wants an easy, convenient solution to their Bluetooth audio needs, it might be just the thing.

Also, the BluStream RX can remember seven different signatures (meaning your friend's tunes can gain freedom too, when they come to your house), in priority order of pairing, and works with anything from Bluetooth V1.2 up.


‘Free your tunes' it states on the Gear4 BluStream RX's box. And since it makes it this easy, we certainly aren't inclined to argue. Especially as it looks so gorgeous doing it (pictures don't do it justice). The one caveat is the slightly high asking price, but then looks like these rarely come cheap.

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  • Value 7
  • Usability 9

David Dakin

October 17, 2009, 8:57 pm

I've been looking for something To connect my iphone 3gs to my Stereo system and spent some time walking from store to store looking for an ipod docking bay, when by chance i came across this little bluetooth device, i asked the sales assistant if it would be compatible with the iphone 3GS after chaecking on the net she informed me it would work fine, so home it came with me, after less than 10 mins it was connected and up and running.. I'm very pleased with the Gear4 Bluestream its perfect. It even looks better than any of the docking stations i looked at. The bonus was it was the last one in the store and was on sale so only cost me £20 The top price is a little steap but if i knew in the shop how good it is i would have probably paid the £49.99 but on the other hand if i didn't know i most likely wouldn't have paid the full price and continued shopping.

So I can only say its worth the money go get yourself one asap you won't be disappointed.

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