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Gear4 BluStream RX Bluetooth Receiver review

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Gear4 BluStream RX Bluetooth Receiver
  • Gear4 BluStream RX Bluetooth Receiver
  • Gear4 BluStream RX Bluetooth Receiver
  • Gear4 BluStream RX Bluetooth Receiver
  • Gear4 BluStream RX Bluetooth Receiver


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Gear4 certainly looks to be cashing in on the victory of Blu-ray. Either that or it's simply too cool to say BlueStream, which, as the BluStream RX is based on Bluetooth technology, wouldn't seem too far-fetched. Though to be truly elite, it would have to go with BluStreem, but perhaps that's a bit too Xtreem.

So what does the BluStream RX actually do? Well, as the name suggests, it streams sound from a source to a destination using Bluetooth. That might not sound very exciting, until you think about the potential. What it means is that the following is a plausible scenario: you're listening to your MP3 collection on your Bluetooth-enabled phone on the way home from work. You arrive at your pad, where you have your £2000 stereo system set up (like the KEF KIT160 2.1-Channel Home Cinema System). Are you going to continue using your headphones, no matter how good they are? If you're lucky enough to have a significant other - whether housemate, pet or wife - who is not bothered by these things, the answer is almost definitely a resounding no.

In which case, you would usually have to go and find an extra cable and - shock, horror - actually physically plug it in. Which would just be so 2001. Instead, you could switch the Gear4 BluStream RX Bluetooth receiver on and hey presto, you can continue carrying your phone around with you, while listening to its tunes in room-filling glory. Or at least, that's the theory. We're here to find out how well this works in practice.

First impressions are very good indeed. Once you get rid of the neat cardboard box, and the cheap but easy-to-open transparent plastic packaging inside, you are greeted by an anything-but-cheap looking base station. As a matter of fact, I would have to say that the BluStream RX Bluetooth receiver is one of the most appealing bits of kit I have seen in quite some time.

It comes with a manual in multiple languages, several cables including 3.5mm and RCA audio, and a lovely USB AC adapter with both Euro and UK plugs. That latter really is a nice bonus, since USB chargers often set you back ten quid or more by themselves.

Getting back to the actual ‘puck' BluStream RX receiver itself, did I mention it's rather gorgeous? It's also tiny, at about two-thirds the size of a real puck, or half of a mouse. Gear4 has done an exemplary job on the stylish, piano-black finish, and on the top has embedded a single, touch sensitive back-lit button. All of this is off-set by a metallic ring near the bottom, and rests on a rubberised, weighted base.

The overall effect is one of effortless class. It's just a pity that the perfectly clean lines are spoiled somewhat by the unavoidable power and audio cables, but gear4 is to be commended for running both through a single connection. This custom cable splits into two separate ones further along, giving added placement flexibility.

David Dakin

October 17, 2009, 8:57 pm

I've been looking for something To connect my iphone 3gs to my Stereo system and spent some time walking from store to store looking for an ipod docking bay, when by chance i came across this little bluetooth device, i asked the sales assistant if it would be compatible with the iphone 3GS after chaecking on the net she informed me it would work fine, so home it came with me, after less than 10 mins it was connected and up and running.. I'm very pleased with the Gear4 Bluestream its perfect. It even looks better than any of the docking stations i looked at. The bonus was it was the last one in the store and was on sale so only cost me £20 The top price is a little steap but if i knew in the shop how good it is i would have probably paid the £49.99 but on the other hand if i didn't know i most likely wouldn't have paid the full price and continued shopping.

So I can only say its worth the money go get yourself one asap you won't be disappointed.

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