Garmin VIRB Elite Deals

By James Morris



January 3, 2014, 9:34 pm

OK... so I've already got a GoPro Hero HD (the second gen) and a Hero 3+ Black.
And I've got a Garmin Forerunner 410 GPS/Heart-rate watch for which either the heart-rate sensor or the watch's ability to receive heart rate... has crapped out (after less than 2 years of moderate use and no way to find out which part has failed without acquiring and trying a new HR sensor).

Is there any reason for me to want this Garmin camera? Anything it provides in the way of video or stills under any circumstances that the Hero 3+ can't do?

It doesn't sound like, but I might have missed something here.

I have used the Hero 3+ as a nature cam by my bird feeder, while sitting in the house and viewing/controlling from my Android phone or my iPad, over WiFi. There's a 2.5 second delay of the streamed video. Not great for triggering action photos.

I've used the Hero on the end of a pole to chase fishies around our back-yard pond. :-)
But the pond is frozen right now, so I can't do the same with the 3+ and video to the phone...


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