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Features and Verdict

By James Morris



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The 2360LT also supports cityXplorer maps, which calculate routes that take into account public transport. So if you’re trying to find your way across a city, cityXplorer will find the nearest bus, tube or train rather than suggest you walk the entire way. However, no cityXplorer maps are included as standard. Instead, you have to buy these separately for each city, with the Navteq versions costing £8.99, whilst a couple of Sensis alternatives are priced at £13.95. To enhance your experience when walking, it supports portrait orientation, with an accelerometer to detect which way round you’re holding the device. It also incorporates a compass, so the map positions itself according to the way you’re facing, not just the direction of your motion.

Garmin nuvi 2360LT

Although the nuvi 2360LT is not an absolute premium device, it still offers some deluxe features like a mount with integrated power and traffic connectivity. So you can attach and detach the device with a single gesture, rather than fiddle with cabling. The crime conscious might argue against leaving your mount (and RDS-TMC receiver wiring) attached at all times, but this is a convenient system if the risk doesn’t bother you. There’s a Bluetooth receiver built in as well, so you can partner your phone with the 2360LT and use it as a hands-free kit for safer conversations whilst driving.


The Garmin nuvi 2360LT is a capable sat-nav, with a full complement of navigational features and the best voice control system on the market. A year ago its price would have been very reasonable, too. But there has been a further reduction in pricing in the last few months, with Mio’s Spirit 685 offering particularly great value. The nuvi 2360LT is a higher-end device with Garmin’s traditional solid build quality. But with the company’s own nuvi 2460LT offering a bigging 5in screen and otherwise identical features for just £20 more, we’d recommend supersizing your sat-nav instead.

Overall Score


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  • Design 9
  • Features 9
  • Performance 9
  • Value 7

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