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Gangstar: Miami Vindication HD Android app review

Niall Magennis




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Gangstar: Miami Vindication is the second game in the Gangster series to be released on Android. There are no prizes for guessing where the inspiration for the game came from, but as Grand Theft Auto isn’t available on Android yet, this is something we’re willing to overlook. The premise is simple - your little bro has been captured by the Armada gang and it’s your job to get him back.


The game plays out across a large, sprawling interpretation of Miami and you move around it not just on foot, or driving cars, motorbikes, trucks and even helicopters. You progress through the game by completing a series of missions that thankfully aren’t too long - perfect for on-the-go gaming. There are plenty of weapons to use along the way and the gameplay offers a good blend of action and exploration. The game isn’t available from the Android Market – instead you need to purchase it directly form the Gameloft site.


Good graphics and involving game play make Gangstar Miami Vindication a steal at £3.


Overall Score

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