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Latest gadget reviews to help you find the best gadget for your needs. See all the latest gadgets and gizmos with unbiased, independent reviews from the experts at TrustedReviews and from people who have bought and used them.

  1. One for All SV 1760

    One For All SV 1760 Wireless HDMI Sender

    Ditch HDMI cables and transmit HD video around your home wirelessly

  2. RiutBag R10

    RiutBag R10

    An innovative laptop bag for the security conscious

  3. Bluesmart

    Bluesmart carry-on

    The most advanced suitcase in the world is an expensive luxury

  4. View Master

    View Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

    With a nostalgic nod to its predecessor the View Master is back

  5. parrot disco
  6. bt smartphone s 2 13

    BT Home Smartphone S II

    Overpriced and clunky, BT's Android phone is one to avoid

  7. BambooSpark5
  8. Myo Armband 1


    The closest you'll get to using the Force

  9. Gear VR 19

    Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition

    Samsung's VR may have improved, but it's still too expensive

  10. Chromecast 2

    Chromecast 2

    A tepid, but solid follow up to Google's 2014 media streamer

  11. 4K Amazon Fire TV 13

    Amazon Fire TV

    Amazon's Apple TV rival is a little black box of wonder

  12. DJI Phantom 3 Professional
  13. Roku 2

    Roku 2

    Not quite as clever as it should be

  14. kindlepaperwhite2015 15

    Kindle Paperwhite

    Amazon's latest Kindle Paperwhite could be the best e-reader on the market

  15. Dyson Hot + Cool

    Dyson Hot + Cool

    If you've got chills and they're multiplying this could be the gadget for you.