1. Fujifilm Instax mini 8

    Fujifilm Instax mini 8

    Price as reviewed £63.00
    20 Aug 2013
    Our rating:

    A fun and easy to use Polaroid-style camera

    Best price
  2. Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition

    Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition

    Price as reviewed £320.00
    25 Jul 2013
    Our rating:

    This drone's improved battery life lets you take to the skies with added staying power.

  3. Zeiss Cinemizer

    Zeiss Cinemizer

    Price as reviewed £800.00
    17 May 2013
    Our rating:

    Video glasses that aim to give you a head-bound personal cinema.

  4. Bayan Audio Streamport Universal

    Bayan Audio Streamport Universal

    Price as reviewed £59.99
    24 Apr 2013
    Our rating:

    A £60 box to turn any hi-fi into a wireless streaming jukebox.

  5. Kobo Aura HD review 14

    Kobo Aura HD

    Price as reviewed £139.99
    13 May 2013
    Our rating:

    Is this the one that beats the Kindle?

  6. Popcorn Hour A-400

    Popcorn Hour A-400

    Price as reviewed £229.99
    12 Apr 2013

    Hands-on: The latest Popcorn Hour box from Syabas takes up even less space.

  7. i'm Watch

    I’m Watch

    Price as reviewed £299.99
    21 Oct 2014
    Our rating:

    Tremendous promise, but poor implementation lets down this smartwatch.

  8. Sony PRS-T2

    Sony PRS-T2

    Price as reviewed £112.00
    4 Feb 2013
    Our rating:

    Sony's latest eReader doesn't quite snuff out the Kindle Paperwhite.

  9. Attacknid 6


    Price as reviewed £69.99
    28 Mar 2013
    Our rating:

    Find out what makes the menacing Attacknid robots one of our favourite gadgets.

  10. La Boite Concept LD 100

    La Boite Concept LD 100

    Price as reviewed £660.00
    28 Jan 2013
    Our rating:

    A computer desk that incorporates a powerful amplifier and six speakers. This is no IKEA job.

  11. Asus Qube

    Asus Qube

    Price as reviewed £99.99
    14 Jan 2013

    Hands-on: Hip to be square? Asus's Google TV 3.0 box thinks so.

  12. Casio G-Shock GB6900AA

    Casio G-Shock GB6900AA

    Price free/subscription
    10 Jan 2013

    Hands-on: Second screen of sorts as your watch relays smartphone alerts.

  13. Archos TV Connect

    Archos TV Connect

    Price as reviewed £100.00
    9 Jan 2013

    Turn your TV into an Android tablet with Archos TV Connect.

  14. Vuzix Smart Glasses M100

    Vuzix Smart Glasses M100

    Price as reviewed £400.00
    7 Jan 2013

    Hands-on: An augmented reality video headset, but can it compete with Google Glass?

  15. Withings Smart Activity Tracker

    Withings Smart Activity Tracker: Hands-on

    Price free/subscription
    7 Jan 2013

    Withings keeps the fitness tech market on its toes.