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5 Concepts From CES 2014 We Wish Were Real

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Razer project Christine

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Razer Project Christine

Originally reviewed by Michael Sawh 16 January 2014

Keeping a PC up-to-date takes some technical knowledge to not make a mess of it, so Razer’s vision with Project Christine is to make ramping up the processing power or increasing memory something anyone can do.

The dark, beautiful base tower will let users simply plug in different components like the motherboard and storage drives when they need to upgrade. There’s no wiring involved and the PC also has a liquid cooling system and noise cancellation.

Razer says it has working prototypes already waiting in the wings and could offer a subscription service to make sure you have the latest components. It’s not the first innovative idea Razer has dreamt up and surely won’t be the last. Maybe, just maybe this one could be crazy enough to work.

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