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Fujifilm FinePix XP30 - Test Shots: General Images

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This image of tourist landmark, The London Eye, displays sharp edges and a pleasantly realistic blue sky. Highlights are also well retained with a good balance between shadows and highlights. (1/400second @ f/4.8, ISO 100, AWB)


The XP30 has done a reasonable job capturing these street performers performing a samba number in the late evening sun. White balance is accurate enough, though the shadow areas could ideally do with a little post-production boost. (1/250second @ f/8, ISO100, AWB)


Two London landmarks in one image make for a classic tourist snapshot! The XP30's metering system has done a good job of lifting the mid-tones and shadow areas, without losing too many highlights from the sky, although a little more contrast, would add a bit more punch. (1/350second @ f/3.8, ISO 100, AWB)


This image was shot using the Flower scene mode, so the XP30 has chosen a small aperture to throw the background, thereby drawing attention to the flower itself. Even in this scene mode, colour remains accurate without being overly saturated either. (1/60second @ f/3.8, ISO 200, AWB)


While the focus on the dome of St Paul's keeps the cathedral itself nice and sharp, there is still some considerable barrel distortion visible on the chimney stack of the Tate Modern building to the left of the image, along with some purple fringing where the dark bricks meet the bright blue sky. (1/640secons @ f/8, ISO 100, AWB)


Thanks to the shielding effect of the pier, this attempt at shooting into the late-evening sun has turned out rather well. Given that we were shooting contre-jour, we expected to lose sky highlights, however the XP30 has struck a good balance elsewhere – retaining both the highlights on the water directly under the pier, and keeping enough detail in shadow areas to make the sign legible. (1/180second, f/4.1, ISO 100, AWB)


In this high-contrast scene the XP30 has struggled somewhat with the dynamic range, opting to retain shadow detail at the expense of highlights. White balance is also a little out here, with a visible green cast that ideally needs correcting with digital post-processing software. (1/400second @ f/6.1, ISO 200, AWB)


This image was taken using the XP30's 'Sport' scene mode, no doubt an important mode for the camera's target audience. The XP30's autofocus mode has done a relatively good job of keeping the primary subject in focus here, and has also opted to retain highlights at the expense of shadow detail behind the skateboarder where the onlookers are sitting. (1/350second @ f4.8, ISO 100, AWB)


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  • Image Quality 7
  • Value 8

Peter 15

April 11, 2011, 4:04 pm

I bought one and sent it back after a week. Average picture quality and shocking battery life.


April 12, 2011, 12:47 am

The street photos looks surprisingly good,
but the ISO test reveals its limit at around 200.
At around ISO 400 things starting to get snowy.
But, under good lighting conditions the XP30 seems to be performing reasonably well.


April 14, 2011, 9:31 pm

Thanks for your feedback, Money. I think I may have been guilty of choosing the 'best' images from the XP30's memory card. I shall, of course, endeavor to select a more 'representative' batch in my next review.


March 28, 2012, 11:33 am

Just a word of warning about Fuji underwater products - I have tried the earlier XP10 twice now, and twice I have gone home after a much looked forward to snorkelling trip at a beautiful area with much coral etc with no pics after water somehow got in and wrecked the camera. *not* my 'carelessness' or anything, I am very careful with things like this - it may have been the on-off-shutter switch area, as one of the buttons seemed unnaturally 'soft' aterwards, but I can't get a straight answer about anything here in Thailand, so it remains a mystery. My lack of pictures from a dead XP10 is a fact, however. Just a word of warning. It takes quite good pictures - until it dies.

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