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Fujifilm Finepix X100 - Test shots: Detail and Lens Performance

By Gavin Stoker


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Fujifilm Finepix X100


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A more general selection of test shots are revealed on this page and next to act as an evaluation of the Fuji X100 in a variety of shooting conditions.


Great colours courtesy of the Velvia picture mode in this wideangle shot. Here, interestingly, the tones are nearer to those in the scene at the time than the rather muted Provia mode (the camera's default setting) delivered. Good edge to edge detail as well, even if we spot some mild pixel fringing creeping in to the top left corner.


By contrast here's a close up shot in default 3:2 image aspect ratio, taken in the X100's macro mode. Detail is such that you can spot grains of dirt/dust on the ladybird's body, if enlarging the central portion of the shot, as well as the grain of the surrounding stonework. Impressive stuff.


Another closer subject; our standard rusty gate shot. No problem here picking out brownish areas of rust visible beneath flaking paintwork, even if we've lost some highlight detail in the insignia atop the gate.


If it's detail you want through, plus a shallow depth of field to really draw the viewer's attention to a specific portion of the frame, the X100 is capable of delivering some really lovely examples, such as that shown above.


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