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Frigidaire RL6003A



Frigidaire RL6003A


Key Features

  • 130 litre capacity
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Auto defrost option
  • Manufacturer: Frigidaire
  • Review Price: £120.00

Frigidaire RL6003A

The Frigidaire RL6003A is a small freestanding under counter fridge, with a decent amount of space. It’s ideal for smaller households that won’t need to store lots of food, or people who prefer popping out to get their shopping every day or so. If you need to store lots of food at once, the Frigidaire RL6003A isn’t right for you as it just doesn’t have that kind of capacity.

The capacity is around 130 litres, which is around average for this type of fridge. The fridge has three transparent glass shelves, which can be adjusted to different levels, and three door shelves, the top shelf having a lid to keep dairy products contained. Under the third shelf is a salad crisper with ample space. The shelves have plenty of room, and the bottom door compartment has enough space to store tall bottles easily.

The RL6003A comes with an internal light, so you can easily see the contents of the fridge, and has an adjustable thermostat. The fridge is quite energy efficient with a high rating of 'A', and the motor runs at a quiet 43db. The fridge is built well externally too, with adjustable levelling feet, a reversible door (so that the door can be opened from the left or right side of the fridge) and an integrated door handle, meaning there is nothing protruding from the unit.

Unfortunately, some consumers have found that this fridge can ice up quite a lot over time, but it does have an auto defrost feature, so this can be easily dealt with. Also, this fridge is wide but not deep, long bottles not in the door will not lay length ways on the shelf, but as there is space in the door, this should not be an issue.

Overall, this is a neat, versatile little fridge, which is very good value for money.