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Frigidaire FVE3803A



Frigidaire FVE3803A


Key Features

  • 85 litre capacity
  • Four star freezer rating
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Frigidaire
  • Review Price: £135.00

Frigidaire FVE3803A

The Frigidaire FVE3803A is a small, reliable, and inexpensive under-counter freezer.

The FVE3803A is a small upright freezer, standing at about waist height, making it ideal to slide under kitchen counters, or fitting snugly into smaller utility rooms. With a capacity of around 85 litres, this will not be suitable for a large household, but is great for couples or homes that do not freeze large amounts of food.

Inside the freezer there are four compartments, each of which is transparent, allowing you to see their contents at a glance. There is one larger compartment at the bottom of the freezer to store larger items, with each of the other three drawers having the same amount of space. The FVE3803A comes in white or silver, the door handle is located at the top of the door for easy access, and the door itself is reversible, meaning it can be opened from the left or right hand side of the appliance.

This is a four star rated freezer, meaning food can be kept in it for up to a year, and it has a Fast Freeze button, to quickly cool unfrozen foods, keeping them fresher for longer. This freezer, as with most modern freezers, has been awarded the highest energy efficiency rating of 'A', making it inexpensive to run, whilst being better for the environment. It is also a very quiet freezer, producing a low 43db of noise. Unfortunately, the FVE3803A is not Frost Free, so defrosting the appliance will have to be performed manually, but as it is a small freezer, this is not a troublesome job.

If this freezer is to be criticised for anything, it would have to be the capacity. Although it is only meant for smaller households, this freezer has less space than many of its rivals, and having four compartments rather than three leaves the top three shelves rather shallow. If space is not too much of an issue, however, this is a great little freezer, and with an equally small price tag of around £130, it is great value for money as well.