Latest Fridges

Discover all the latest fridges on the market via our trusted fridge reviews. We look at price, size, noise, energy efficiency, and much more.

  1. Bosch KGV33NW20GB

    Bosch KGV33NW20GB

    The Bosch KGV33NW20GB fridge freeze host a 288 litre capacity with the fridge accounting for 194 litres of this.

  2. Bosch KGN39VL30 G

    Bosch KGN39VL30 G

    The Bosch KGN39VL30 G is an A** energy efficient fridge freezer with a 315 litre capacity split in favour of the fridge section.

  3. AEG S73800KMX0

    AEG S73800KMX0

    The AEG S73800KMC is an A* energy efficiency rated fridge with a huge 359 litre storage capacity.

  4. Samsung RR82PDRS

    Samsung RR82PDRS

    The Samsung RR82PDRS is a large 348 litre capacity freestanding fridge with an A* energy efficiency rating and multi-flow technology.

  5. Samsung RSH7UN

    Samsung RSH7UN

    With a 535 litre capacity the Samsung RSH7UN American style fridge freezer is further enhanced by an integrated water and ice dispenser.

  6. Samsung_RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU

    Samsung RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU

    With more than a 500 litre capacity the Samsung RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU is a monster with an A* energy efficiency.

  7. Samsung RL37LGMH

    Samsung RL37LGMH

    The Samsung RL37LGMH partners a 286 litre capacity with an A* energy efficiency rating, perfect for small families or couples.

  8. Samsung RSH5UBBP

    Samsung RSH5UBBP

    The American style Samsung RSH5UBBP is a 540 litre capacity behemoth of the fridge freezer scene with an A* energy efficiency rating.

  9. Hotpoint Quadrio FF4D

    Hotpoint Quadrio FF4D

    Hotpoint's Quadrio FF4D American style fridge freezer is a 390 litre capacity machine with an A-grade energy efficiency rating.

  10. Hotpoint RFA52

    Hotpoint RFA52

    Hotpoint's RFA52 fridge freezer pairs a 150 litre fridge with a four star freezer and an A-grade energy efficiency rating.

  11. Hotpoint FFFL2000

    Hotpoint FFFL2000

    The Hotpoint FFFL2000 partners a 300 litre capacity with inbuilt antibacterial protection.

  12. Beko CF7914

    Beko CF7914

    Beko's 340 litre CF7914 fridge freezer features Frost Free technology and adjustable shelving options.

  13. Hotpoint FFA52

    Hotpoint FFA52

    The Hotpoint FFA52 fridge freezer boasts Frost Free tech innards and integrated antibacterial protection.

  14. Beko CDA543F

    Beko CDA543F

    Beko's 300 litre fridge freezer features Frost Free technologies and an A Class energy efficiency rating.

  15. Beko CF6004AP

    Beko CF6004AP

    The Beko CF6004AP is a 293 litre fridge freezer with an A* energy efficiency rating and Frost Free tech.