Latest Fridges

Discover all the latest fridges on the market via our trusted fridge reviews. We look at price, size, noise, energy efficiency, and much more.

  1. Hotpoint RLAV21P

    Hotpoint RLAV21P

    With an A Class energy efficiency rating, the Hotpoint RLAV21P can store your food whilst helping to keep your bills low.

  2. Beko LA120

    Beko LA120

    A compact freestanding fridge that will slot under a countertop, the Beko LA120 features a 130 litre capacity and an A Class energy efficiency rating.

  3. Beko TLDA 521

    Beko TLDA 521

    With an A Class energy efficiency rating and a 250 litre capacity, the Beko TLDA 521 will store all your food whilst saving you money.

  4. Frigidaire RL6003A

    Frigidaire RL6003A

    The Frigidaire RL6003A freestanding fridge is small enough to fit under a counter top whilst playing host to a 130 litre capacity.

  5. Hotpoint NCD191I

    Hotpoint NCD191I

    The Hotpoint NCD191I fridge plays host to some fancy awards with an A* energy efficiency rating and an H+ hygiene rating.

  6. Fridgemaster MTBL140NG

    Fridgemaster MTBL140NG

    Good value for money, the inbuilt Fridgemaster MTBL140NG features three adjustable glass shelves.

  7. Indesit SAN400S

    Indesit SAN400S

    The Indesit SAN400S freestanding fridge features a 350 litre capacity and inbuilt antibacterial protection.

  8. Hotpoint RLS150

    Hotpoint RLS150

    The Hotpoint RLS150 fridge makes use of a spacious capacity with inbuilt antibacterial protection and a five bottle wine rack.

  9. Samsung RR82FDMH

    Samsung RR82FDMH

    The Samsung RR82FDMH fridge pairs a large capacity with an A* energy efficiency rating and good looks.

  10. Samsung RSG5

    Samsung RSG5

    The Samsung RSG5 American style fridge freezer manages an A Class energy efficiency rating despite its massive 640 litre capacity.

  11. Beko CDA563F

    Beko CDA563F

    With a 238 litre capacity, the Beko CDA563F fridge freezer has been awarded an A Class energy efficiency rating and four freezer stars.

  12. Hoover HNC6185A4

    Hoover HNC6185A4

    The Hoover HNC6185A4 fridge freezer see the 259 litre capacity hide Frost Free freezer technology and a money saving A Class energy efficiency rating.

  13. AEG S73400CNSO

    AEG S73400CNSO

    With a 321 litre capacity, the AEG S73400CNSO features an easy-to-use electronic control panel and ProFresh technology.

  14. Indesit TAN6FNFS

    Indesit TAN6FNFS

    With a whopping 402 litre capacity, the Indesit TAN6FNFS plays host to handy Super Cool and Super Freeze technologies.

  15. Indesit CA55

    Indesit CA55

    The Indesit CA55 fridge freezer has a 185 litre capacity and an A Class energy efficiency rating.