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Fridgemaster MTBL140NG



Fridgemaster MTBL140NG


Key Features

  • Built-in unit
  • Three adjustable glass shelves
  • Quick cool function
  • Manufacturer: Fridgemaster
  • Review Price: £225.00

Fridgemaster MTBL140NG

The Fridgemaster MTBL140NG is a small, built-in larder fridge. It’s designed to be installed under the kitchen counter — it’s not a freestanding fridge like most traditional models.

The Fridgemaster MTBL140NG isn’t massively spacious, but to be fair it’s not designed to be. This isn’t supposed to be something a family or large shared household would choose — it’s designed for young couples or single people. However, although it’s small it does use its space well.

There are three adjustable glass shelves, and two and a half shelves in the door. You can obviously also remove the glass shelves completely if you need to fit something really big in the fridge. The salad crisper has been cleverly integrated into the base of the fridge, underneath the bottom shelf, and is spacious enough to allow you to keep a lot of your produce nice and fresh.

Inside the fridge there is a light, which is useful to help you see what food you’re picking out, and a temperature dial. There is also a setting to rapidly lower the temperature for when lots of food is put in at once — useful, as fridge temperatures usually get slightly higher when a new load of shopping is put in, which is bad for the new food and the old food that’s been being kept cool. The fridge can be easily installed, with adjustable feet and a flat back design. What’s more, this fridge should ideally fit under any counter top as it is short and fairly narrow.

There are a few design flaws with the Fridgemaster MTBL140NG, however. Although the salad crisper compartment is cleverly integrated, to access it does require emptying the bottom shelf. Also, the door compartments are not really tall enough to stand bottles in upright, it can perhaps take one. Besides these two issues, however, this is a handy little fridge, which is easily installable and good value for money.