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Flavel AP10FR



Flavel AP10FR


Key Features

  • Eight cooking zones
  • B Class energy efficiency rating
  • Dual ovens
  • Manufacturer: None
  • Review Price: £530.00

Flavel AP10FR

The Flavel AP10FR is a large duel fuel cooker which a lines up at a metre wide. Featuring an astonishing eight cooking zones, the unit allows you to cook multiple dishes in a variety of different ways all at the same time — useful for when cooking for parties, Sunday roasts or at big events such as Christmas.

Adding to this, the pair of ovens mean you can have two different things cooking at separate temperatures simultaneously, a feature which is useful when you are embarking on a marathon baking session or have a baked dessert as well as a dinner on the go. Due to the unit's limited size, the second oven becomes a necessity when attempting to cook a large meal.

With a separate grill meaning you can experiment slightly with new cooking styles and more complex recipes, the hob is gas and has lots of burners on it to make cooking multiple pans of vegetables as well as boiling potatoes or pasta a doddle. These rings also coming in a selection of different sizes so you can always find the one that’s the right match for your pan, which makes cooking quicker and more energy efficient — although smaller pans do tend to get knocked off as they don’t sit very well.

Talking of energy efficiency, the Flavel AP10FR has a rating of B, a somewhat disappointing aspect of the cooker considering the modern rating system goes up to A*** and most current models have at least an A rating.

With convection heating, which heats the ovens more easily and ensures the food is cooked more quickly and at a lower temperature, the Flavel AP10FR heats up incredibly quickly. It has lights to indicate when the oven/grill has reached the desired temperature, though, so you’ll never put something a little tempestuous like a soufflé in an oven that’s not completely ready for it.

The Flavel AP10FR is easy to use, easy to keep clean and easy to create great tasting meals with. It’s also got useful features such as extra pan storage and a clock with a timer.