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Finlux 32F6030-T review

John Archer



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Finlux 32F6030-T
  • Finlux 32F6030-T
  • Finlux 32F6030-T
  • Finlux 32F6030-T
  • Finlux 32F6030-T
  • Finlux 32F6030-T
  • Finlux 32F6030-T


Our Score:



  • Exceptionally cheap
  • Decent design
  • Bright HD pictures look surprisingly good


  • Serious backlight inconsistencies
  • Colour shifting with standard definition
  • Average standard def performance

Key Features

  • 32in LCD TV with edge LED lighting
  • Freeview HD tuner
  • Multimedia playback via USB
  • Remarkably cheap price
  • Built-in PVR
  • Manufacturer: Finlux
  • Review Price: £249.99

We don’t mind saying that we’re mighty relieved to find the Finlux 32F6030-T sat on our test benches today. For this gloriously uncomplicated 32in budget TV represents some much-needed relief for our aching brains from the glut of seriously high-tech, cutting edge and thus really hard-to-review AV kit that’s come our way in recent days.

The simple - yay, simple - facts about the 32F6030-T are these. It’s a 32in TV from Finnish brand Finlux (now actually owned by Turkish brand Vestel) that despite using edge LED lighting and sporting an HD Freeview tuner costs just £249.99. Yes, that’s right, £249.99. So rather than getting involved in 3D this, Smart TV that or 4K the other, all we need to do here is find out if the 32F6030-T is really as much of a bargain as it sounds.

Finlux 32F6030-T

Design wise the 32F6030-T does a clever job of hiding its budget origins. It’s made of plastic but cunningly applies a kind of wood grain finish to its black bezel that makes it look quite a bit more plush than it would otherwise. Another nice touch is the few mm of transparent trim that sits around the inner black bezel - a design feature clearly borrowed from Samsung and LG.

Stand proud

As TV reviewers we’re thoroughly fed up with always having to build stands for TVs we’re testing, and we are also big fans of the way the 32F6030-T just clips on to its desktop stand - though it has to be said that the set does sit slightly flimsily on its mooring.

The Finlux 32F6030-T’s connections are startlingly numerous. For starters there are four HDMIs when frankly we’d have accepted two on such a cheap set. Even more surprisingly you get two USBs capable of playing back not just JPEG photos but also music and even video files. Then there’s the D-Sub PC input that adds even more to the TV’s value by allowing it to double up as a PC monitor, and to top it all there’s even a LAN port.

Except that actually this LAN port doesn’t actually do anything useful; it’s just there as mandatory support for the Freeview HD tuner, and doesn’t allow you to connect the TV to either a DLNA PC or the Internet - despite the remote control for the TV sporting an Internet button.

Finlux 32F6030-T

It really wouldn’t be reasonable to expect either DLNA or Internet functionality on such a cheap TV, though. And anyway, there’s a fine bit of compensation in the fact that amazingly for such a budget set, the Finlux 32F6030-T supports recording from its Freeview HD tuner to USB HDDs. Blimey.

Looks aren't everything

We guess it has to be said that the interfaces for the 32F6030-T’s various multimedia functions are pretty rudimentary. But they get the job done well enough when push comes to shove, so what are a few presentational issues between friends?!

The main onscreen menus are actually a slight cut above the rather ‘ZX Spectrum’ designs of previous Finlux TVs we’ve seen, presenting their various logos and text in a rather fetching shade of gold and using text which is big enough - just - to be readable without the help of a magnifying glass.

Chris Cyrnik

April 14, 2013, 9:01 am

Television query

Hello John

I wonder if you can help me. I have a Finlux 22” Full HD set which I’m very happy with I have a major problem with USB recording which may affect other Finlux sets.

When you first plug in your USB drive the set will format it for you. However when I decided to record something else then I suddenly got this message.

‘No removable drive is connected or initialisation failed. Recording and playback functions are disabled’

Also this is displayed.

‘USB disk is in unsupported format. The disk must be formatted to be used. All data in the disk will be lost. Do you want to format the disc?’ (No I don’t!)

In other words all your recordings are lost.
Are you able to help me resolve this or provide a link to someone who can?

Thank you.

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